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Legendary Franco Harris Destroys Mike McQueary's Credibility From the Grave

This website is dedicated to compiling and analyzing the evidence that an out-of-control news media created a false narrative in the Jerry Sandusky story, which effectively framed Joe Paterno for crimes he obviously didn't commit, and of which he may have had extremely limited knowledge (assuming they even happened, which the evidence now strongly suggests they did not). This has resulted in an unjust destruction of a man's entire life's work and legacy, while doing incredible damage to a university and football program which almost certainly did not deserve the unprecedented and illogical punishments they received.

This site is NOT a defense of child sexual abuse. This site is also NOT remotely based on a conspiracy theory (the term "Framing" is meant figuratively, and not literally), but rather the notion that an incompetent, ratings-driven media told this story in a way not consistent with the facts, or even basic logic, and are now too invested in their fairytale to ever correct their colossal errors.

We ARE dedicated to exposing the truth in this case and this website is the home of a documentary film on this subject, "The Framing of Joe Paterno" as well as our first online book, "The Betrayal of Joe Paterno and our second online book (which is mostly satirical), "Perfect Sense."

While this site began as a defense of Paterno, after investigating the case for two years and interviewing Sandusky twice in prison, it became obvious that Sandusky himself has also been done a horrendous injustice. While this revelation will be shocking to people who have not followed the case closely, if you look at the evidence here with an open mind, there is little doubt that you will come to the same conclusion.




4/4/18: EXCLUSIVE: The BOMBSHELL "Newsweek" Cover Story, Blowing Up the HBO "Paterno" Movie, That Was Spiked at the Last Moment (THIS IS A MUST READ/SHARE!)


3/30/22: On Eve of New Federal Appeal, Here is What Jerry Sandusky Asked John Ziegler to Write About the Case for His Innocence


11/22/21: BigTrial.Net Exposes Sara Ganim's New "Sandusky" Podcast as a Total Fraud


11/8/21: Ten Years Later, What the Case Has Taught Us About How Incredibly Broken the Modern News Media Really Is


1/22/20: Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishes 5-Part Series Arguing for Jerry Sandusky's Innocence. Here Are All Five Parts As They Appeared in the Paper


10/14/19: Two Respected Academics Publicly Declare that Malcolm Gladwell Should Have Admitted that Jerry Sandusky is Innocent in "Talking to Strangers." John Ziegler Interviews One of Them, Frederick Crews


9/22/19: John Ziegler UNLOADS on Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer, Al Lindsay, for Being a "Complete Moron," and Needlessly Canceling a Planned Press Conference to Discuss the Revelations in Malcolm Gladwell's Best-Selling Book


9/21/19: SHOCKER! Wall Street Journal Review of Malcolm Gladwell's New Best-Selling Book Takes Him to Task For... NOT Voicing the Obvious Conclusion that Jerry Sandusky is Innocent!


9/17/19: WRSC-AM in State College Does Two Interviews with John Ziegler Detailing the "McQueary Date" Bombshell at the Heart of Malcolm Gladwell's New Book Taking Down the "Penn State Scandal" Narrative 





6/4/19: Prominent Podcaster Finally Releases Over Two-hour Interview with John Ziegler in which he Concludes Sandusky is Clearly Innocent

2/10/19: Exclusive: Explosive Interview with Sandusky's Attorney, Al Lindsay, About His Sentence Being Vacated

10/3/18: On State College Radio, John Ziegler Makes Strong Comparisons Between the Railroading of Brett Kavanaugh and What Really Happened at Penn State

7/18/18: Judge Tellingly Denies $7 Million Sandusky Accuser (Glenn Neff) His Early Payment Request Saying, "I am Beginning to Wonder What the Heck Is Going On Here!"

7/17/18: How the Media's Rush to Judgemnt in the Ohio State/Jim Jordan Case Exposes Sara Ganim as the Fraud that She Is

6/11/18: A Sports Writer Finally Takes Up John Ziegler's Open Invitation to Debate Sandusky's Guilt, and Ends up Conceding That He is Very Likely Innocent!

4/19/18: "Lions of Liberty" Does Extensive/Compelling Interview with John Ziegler on "Newsweek" Story

4/17/18: EXCLUSIVE: Friend of $7 Million Penn State Accuser Glenn Neff Tells Detailed Story of Attempt to Bribe Him to Lie, and Illustrates How Lock Haven is the Epicenter of the Scam

4/17/18: For Over an Hour, John Ziegler Answers Every Question Asked of Him Via Social Media About the "Newsweek" Story

4/9/18: John Ziegler Passionately Tells the "Fake Accuser" Story to Glenn Beck and a National Radio/TV Audience

4/7/18: Mediaite Column Blows Up the Premise of HBO's "Paterno" Movie as a Fairytale Based on a Media-created Myth

4/6/18: John Ziegler Does Two Days of Interviews on WRSC-AM in State College on the Release of the Bombshell "Newsweek" Story Which Was Killed & Details the Story of the Purposely Fake Accuser (Both Shows Are At This Link)

4/3/18: John Ziegler Exposes the Absurdity of HBO's "Paterno" Movie and Releases Amazing Secret Interview (at 44:15) with Former PSU-BOT Chairman Ira Lubert, Who Paid the Sandusky Settlements

3/31/18: Devastation: After Five Months of Planning, Newsweek Magazine Kills EPIC 16,000 Word Investigation Rewriting the Entire History of "Penn State Scandal" Just One Day Before the Deadline For Publication

3/25/18: John Ziegler Previews Response to "Paterno" HBO Movie & Releases New Interview With An Ex-Girlfriend of Aaron Fisher's

2/9/18: 17 Years Later... New Proof That December 29th 2000, and Not February 9th, 2001, Was the REAL Date of the "Mike McQueary Episode."

1/25/18: John Ziegler "Law & Crime" Column Explains How the Larry Nassar Scandal Actually Shows the Absurdity of the Case Against Sandusky

1/3/18: "Skeptic" Magazine Does VERY Favorable/Extensive Review of Book That Concludes Sandusky is Innocent

1/1/18: John Ziegler (Hilariously) Reads His Text Message Exchanges With the Washington Post Reporter Who "Investigated" the Case and Then Did a Meaningless Story

11/26/17: Update With New Info and The Complete Case that the "McQueary Episode" Actually Occurred on December 29, 2000 and NOT February 9, 2001

11/19/17: The Comprehensive Case, Bolstered by an Amazing Witness, that Mike McQueary Actually Waited 5-6 Weeks Before Telling Joe Paterno What He Supposedly Saw/Heard

11/12/17: Author of New Book ("The Most Hated Man in America") Concluding that Sandusky is Innocent Does His First Interview With John Ziegler


11/5/17: John Ziegler's Podcast Reveals Amazing New Evidence in Sandusky Case and An Interview With a Woman Who Says Her Former Fiance Bragged About Lying to Penn State to Get $5 Million As a Sandusky Accuser


10/12/17 LawNewz Publishes John Ziegler's Detailed Editorial on the "McQueary/Eshbach" Email & Revelation that "Conspiracy Ray" Blew His Analysis Yet Again


10/11/17: Did a Newly "Found" Email Just Destroy Mike McQueary's Whole Story & Expose OAG Misconduct?!


9/29/17: "Big Trial Bog" Blows Apart Testimony of Allan Myers (Victim 2) Which Was Only Finally Released Now Thanks to a Mainstream Media Inquiry


9/12/17: John Ziegler Tells State College Radio the Real Story Behind the Latest Sara Ganim Hit Piece & Reveals Why the 1971 Accuser May Eventually Recant


9/11/17: Cipriano, Snedden, and Ziegler Team Up On "Big Trial" to Eviscerate Deceitful Sara Ganim/CNN Hit Piece on Joe Paterno 

9/3/17: Penn State Legend Franco Harris Describes What a Farce the Graham Spanier Trial Was & Why the Fight for the Truth is Not Yet Over

6/11/17: Must Listen: John Ziegler Devotes Full Hour to His Podcast to Tell the REAL Story of the Penn State "Scandal"


6/5/17: John Ziegler Gives WRSC in State College an Intense Response to the Sentencing of Penn State Administrators

6/2/17: John Ziegler Does 80-minute interview on ESPN Radio Station in Response to Insane prison Sentences for Penn State Administrators

6/1/17: "Big Trial" Exposes the Absurdity of Prosecution Using this Website to Try to Get Judge to Give Graham Spanier Prison Time

4/30/17: EXCLUSIVE: Mike McQueary Sent Pictures of His Penis to Joe Amendola's Former Fiance' & Why It Matters (NSFW!!)


4/4/17: "Big Trial" Philly Blog Details How Mike McQueary Accidently Revealed Grand Jury Violation at the Spanier Trial

4/4/17: CSA Activists/Terrorists Threaten John Ziegler's Columnist Job & He Responds By Further Exposing the Fake Accusers in His Column


3/28/17: WOW! Philly Reporter who Debunked major Catholic Church Case for Newsweek, Now All-in On Penn State Case After Our Interview with FIS Agent!


3/27/17: EXCLUSIVE: Federal Agent Who Investigated Graham Spanier Does First interview & Says He Concluded That There Was No "Cover-Up" and There Was Nothing to Cover Up 

3/24/17: The Epic Travesty Continues As Graham Spanier Is Convicted of a Minor Crime He Didn't Commit, Which Should End the Cover-Up Myth (But Won't)


3/16/17: Glenn Beck & The Blaze Devote Over Three Amazing Hours on Radio/TV/Facebook to How the "Penn State Scandal" Is "Fake News"


John Ziegler Does Awesome Facebook Interview with Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" Network

3/13/17: EXCLUSIVE: Here's the Full Federal Government Report on Graham Spanier Which Concluded There Was NO Cover-up at Penn State!

3/13/17: John Ziegler Does Interview on State College Radio to Explain Release of Federal Report on Spanier


3/9/17: The Truth Finally Comes Out That There Was No Football Cover-Up in "Steubenville Rape Case"


2/14/17: John Ziegler Pens "LawNewz" Reaction to the News Media Flipping Out over Jeff Sandusky's Arrest


1/23/17: Website Which Busted Open Fake Catholic Church Case Publishes Column From "Framing Paterno" to Compare that Case to Penn State "Scandal"


1/17/17: Philly Catholic Church Case With Amazing Similarities to Penn State "Scandal" Completely Falls Apart, But News Media Ignores It


1/12/17: John Ziegler Does the most Extensive Adversarial Interview to Date with a Boston Radio Host and, Despite a Cold, Dominates the Debate

1/1/17: Penn State/Steeler Legend Franco Harris Does 40-Minute interview with "Framing Paterno" on Eve of the Rose Bowl


John Ziegler Provides "Blaze TV" With 2 Minute Summary of the  Real Story of the Pe nn State "Scandal"


12/16/16: John Ziegler Does a Second, 2-Part, Two-Hour Podcast with 'Break it Down Show," Summarizing the Entire Case


12/6/16: John Ziegler Does Explosive Interview With Glenn Beck's "Blaze" TV/Radio Network Leaving Hosts Shocked/Convinced by Real Truth

Exactly Five Years After the Fiasco Began, Allan Myers (Victim 2) Finally Testifies & Hope for Justice is Effectively Ended

The O u trageous $7 Million Mike McQueary Civil Trial Verdict is Soul-Crushingly Insane


9/22 /16: Must-Watch! The Most Comprehensive Video Interview Ever Done on the Penn State Case



As Penn State Pretends to "Honor" Joe Paterno, Major Media Website Publish es Our Rebuttal to Christine Brennan and the BS Media Narrative

9/9/16 : John Ziegler Turns Penn State-Critic Host into a Believer During Very Compelling Hour-Long interview

Third R esearcher with Zero Connection to Penn State Concludes, Based on 'Repressed Memory" Interview with Accuser, that Sandusky is Innocent 

8/23/16: John Ziegler Fully Explains How We Know that Allan Myers is "Victim 2," Despite the Prosecution, Media, and Conspiracy Crackpots Trying to Pretend He Isn't

8/20/16: Podcast Superstar Adam Carolla and lawyer Mark Geragos Devote Entire "Reasonable Doubt" Episode to Sandusky Matter With John Ziegler

8/13/16: After Sandusky Testifies for the First Time, We Release Two Never-heard Prison Interviews With Him, Declaring His Innocence, Discussing the McQueary Episode and Defending Joe Paterno

8/5/16: John Ziegler Does Hour-Long Interview with "Lions for Liberty" & Releases Ira Lubert 'Sex Tape" Emails and Sandusky Responding to Latest Settlement Absurdities

The Unanimous Approval of Ira Lubert as PSU BOT Chairman is a Final Disgrace to Justice

7/15/16: Part Two of John Ziegler Interview on State College Radio Reveals How the Bogus PSU Settlements Were Allowed to Happen

7/14/16: John Ziegler Blows Apart the Bogus PSU Settlements & Reveals the Existence of a Purposely Fake Accuser on State College Radio

7/12/16: John Ziegler Column on Settlement Revelations: If the Public Knew How Wrong These ‘Joe Paterno Knew’ Headlines Are There Would Be Riots 

6/30/16: John Ziegler Exposes Absurdity of 1971 and 1976 Allegations Against Paterno & Sandusky on State College Radio

State College-Area Newspaper Finally Publishes Real Truth of the 1970's Accusers in Last Paragraph of News Story 

6/27/16: John Ziegler Does Two-Part Podcast (Both Linked Here) With Supportive Hosts & Reveals New Information on the Case In Part Two

Hollywood Celebrity (And Former Harsh Paterno Critic) Jay Mohr Interviews John Ziegler For Over Two Hours

John Ziegler Makes First-Ever Appearance on ESPN for 30 Minute "Discussion" of the Real Truth on the Paul Finebaum Show

State College Radio Examines the REAL Story of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Fraud Sara Ganim

Major Legal Website Publishes Epic Take Down of Outrageous Media Coverage (Specifically Sara Ganim's) of Absurd Paterno Allegations 

John Ziegler's Response on State College Radio to the Steaming Pile of Horsecrap Which is the Media's Newest Paterno Allegation

Video and Documentary Evidence Shows John Ziegler's Arrest at Matt Sandusky Event was a Farce & Likely Criminal 

ESPN Ice Beginning to Melt?!: Paul Finebaum & Steve Spurrier Come Out in Favor of Paterno Statue Being Restored!

(4/8/16):"Lions of Liberty" Does a Second Hour-Long Interview with John Ziegler Examining If Sandusky is Innocent

John Ziegler Has Compelling Hour-Long Discussion with "Lions of Liberty"


John Ziegler & Kevin Slaten Drop Truthbombs in Reaction to Major Charges Finally Being Dropped Against Former Penn State Administrators

NOTHING TO SEE HERE!: Judge of Sandusky Grand Jury is Removed by PA Supreme Court for "Misconduct" in Case & Media Buries Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Latest Interview (11/18/15): JZ Discusses, and Correctly Predicts, How Sandusky Appeal Is Going Down on State College Radio


John Ziegler Holds Fiery Press Conference Attacking the Media After Jerry Sandusky's Appeal Hearing Results in Shocking Pro-Sandusky Ruling From Judge!


WOW! Prominent CA Attorney Independently Investigates Sandusky Case & Anonymously Creates Amazing Website Arguing the Case is Legally and Factually Fraudulent! Aaron Fisher's Story is Singled Out for Total Destruction

HUGE MUST-VIEW/SHARE 9/1/15 RELEASE: New Interviews From Trip to State College Leave Little Doubt that Sandusky Is Innocent (Major Update Added 9/15/15 Includes New Explosive Interview and Reaction From Aaron Fisher)


New Video: Inside Scott Paterno's Role in the Fiasco & His New "Revelations"

Exclusive: Aaron Fisher Posts Photo of Him Laying in Cash and Giving the Middle Finger (Hilarious Update Added!)


MUST READ/SHARE: Mainstream Website Finally Publishes (Some of) the REAL Truth of the McQueary Episode!

Exclusive: Jerry Sandusky Writes Interesting Letter Mocking the Most Recent Allegation Against Him

HUGE NEW RELEASE: The REAL Story of How/Why Aaron Fisher & His Mother Dawn Started the Scam (With Crazy Updates On Dawn "Fisher's" Meltdown as Post Goes Viral)

MUST-HEAR EPIC INTERVIEW: Ziegler Finally Convinces Dino Costa that Paterno is Innocent & Sandusky May Be Too

Talk Host/Lawyer Kevin Slaten Publicly Comes "Out" For Sandusky's Innocence in Interview With John Ziegler

Famed Attorney Tom Mesereau & John Ziegler Appear Together on Radio Show to Destroy Scott Paterno's Lackey Jim Clemente

John Ziegler's Interview on WRSC-FM Regarding  the New Fisher Information


Sandusky's Explosive Appeal is Unsealed

Aaron Fisher Tells the Philadelphia Inquirer He Wants to Meet, But then Backs Down When We Engage in Epic Facebook Conversation

Michael Jackson's Attorney Urges Second Look at the Sandusky Case in Newspaper Op-ed!

Famed Attorney Tom Mesereau Does Amazing Interview with Kevin Slaten on His Doubts About the Sandusky Case

MUST-WATCH COMIC RELIEF! Adolf Hitler Reacts to New Polling Data Indicating Most of Pennsylvania Wants the Paterno Statue Restored!


Our Second "Mini Book"... "Perfect Sense: The Full 'Conventional Wisdom' Narrative of the Penn State 'Scandal'"

"Perfect Sense" Now Available in PDF Format for Easier Reading


EXCLUSIVE: The Ultimate Sandusky Case "Flow Chart" Shows the "Conspiracy of Self Interest"

WRSC-FM Interview on the Most Recent Revelations from "Framing Paterno"

Recent Top Stories:


Exclusive: Jerry Sandusky Writes Interesting Letter Reacting to NCAA Restoring Joe Paterno's Win Record

MUST-LISTEN INTERVIEWS: After NCAA Restores Paterno's Wins in Sham Settlement, Two Radio Hosts Show How Far We Have Come 

Exclusive: Dottie Sandusky Statement on NCAA Restoring Joe Paterno's Wins in Gutless Settlement


In Wake of NCAA Indicating They Will Restore the Paterno Wins, KDKA Asks, "Is This Vindication?"

Onward State Does VERY Interesting "10 Questions" Interview With John Ziegler

State College Radio Host & Penn State Employee Comes Out In Favor of a New Trial for Sandusky

Exclusive: If You Read/Watch This Post & Still Believe Aaron Fisher, Then You Should Work For Rolling Stone  

Exclusive: Email From Woman Matt Sandusky Tried to Commit Suicide With Destroys NY Times Column

Franco Harris & Dottie Sandusky Join John Ziegler for Live Interviews on the Anniversary of Joe Paterno's Firing

MUST READ: The "Top 25" Most Amazing Facts in the Case & Key Internet Links Which Went Unnoticed

HUGE ANNIVERSARY RELEASE: Exclusive Clips From "Happy Valley" Movie, Official Sandusky Family Response, New Documentation, "Media Malpractice" & Ziegler Commentary!

Telling: Foreign Writer Reads Aaron Fisher's Book, Ends Up Being Contacted by Dottie Sandusky, and Believing Her

WOW!! PSU Students Suddenly Find the Courage to Rally for Joe Paterno After NCAA Caves on Sanctions

Comedy Gold: Key Sandusky Prosecutor Threatens Ziegler with Arrest for Sending Her Information on the Case! CRAZY Update Added!

Official Statement From Sandusky Family & Video Response from John Ziegler to Matt Sandusky on Oprah Winfrey

EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Story/Identity of the Mike McQueary "Victim" & Matt Sandusky

CNN Is Finally Forced to Release Most of Unaired Portion of Amazing Dottie Sandusky/John Ziegler Interview




FRAMING PATERNO Releases Its Own Report on the Sandusky Prosecution Ahead of PA AG's




Exclusive: Dottie Sandusky's Official Response to PA AG's Report Into Sandusky Investigation

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: The Testimony to Jerry Sandusky Should Have Given Court/Louis Freeh

EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell Audio Proves ESPN Censored Key Parts of their Mike McQueary Profile









John Ziegler Previews Today Show Interview From the Sandusky Basement


EXCLUSIVE: Dottie Sandusky and Son Jeff React to Today Show Interview With Matt Lauer

Our Second In-Prison Interview With Jerry Sandusky, With Brand-New New Info and Analysis....

VIDEO ARCHIVES: The Ultimate Sandusky Rorschach Test.... Pedophilia or Just Boundary Issues?


Latest News:  Graham Spanier Sues Louis Freeh & Unloads Truthbomb on the McQueary Myth

Wow! Penn State President Goes Rogue on PSU-BOT & Rips the Freeh Report

USA Today Expose Confirms that NCAA Bluffed Penn State into Thinking it was Facing Death Penalty

"With the Benefit of Hindsight," Corbett Admits Paterno Probably Shouldn't Have Been Fired

Emails Prove PSU-BOT, Freeh, and NCAA Were Colluding For Punishment Long BEFORE Sandusky Was Even Tried

It WAS All A Bluff! Emails Prove NCAA Played Erickson For the Fool He Is!

NCAA Waves White Flag on PSU Sanctions!

You Can't Make This Up! NCAA Now Telling Schools to Handle Sex Cases Just as Joe Paterno Did!

Oh the Irony! Prosecutors Find No Pornography Connected to Sandusky, but It is Found in Investigators Emails!

New York Times Suddenly Not Sure Graham Spanier Didn't Get Unfairly Charged

BOMBSHELL: Sandusky Pension Arbiter Takes Freeh Report to the Woodshed!!

Former PSU BOT Member Who Fired Paterno Takes Part in Local TV "Rush to Judgment" Report

Exclusive: Jerry Sandusky's Official Reaction to PA Supreme Court Rejecting His Appeal

PA Court Opens Can of Woop-Ass on NCAA Consent Decree

Emails Show PSU BOT Canceled Planned Paterno Tribute at His Death

Member of 11/11 PSU BOT Admits that Firing Paterno Was a Mistake

The Inside Story of How ESPN Muffled the McQueary Bombshell

Exclusive: Here is the Letter to the Editor Which the McQueary "Victim" Published in Multiple Newspapers Before Sandusky's Arrest


Latest Columns: Third Anniversary Post: The "Top 25" Most Amazing Facts in the Case

EXCLUSIVE: Indictments Against Aaron Fisher's Stepfather Raise Doubt About Case Against Sandusky

Email Proof that Ray Blehar is Lying About his Beliefs Regarding "Victim 2" & Jerry Sandusky

Obvious Questions the Media Won't Eve Dare to Ask About the Sandusky Story

If You Read Only the Closing Arguments in the Sandusky Case, the Defense Won

Important Facts About Each Sandusky Accuser That the Media Didn't Tell You

Media Malpractice Again: An E-mail Exchange With USA Today Which Will Blow Your Mind

Exclusive... The Real Story Behind the Movie "Happy Valley" and Matt Sandusky 


Latest Interviews: WRSC-FM in State College Reviews All the Recent Aaron Fisher Revelations

Four Great Interviews In One Place, All Surrounding Recent Events 

Ziegler Tells Pittsburgh Radio How Penn State Blew the Response to the Sandusky "Scandal"

Ziegler Gets An Hour To Convince National Radio Host He is Wrong About Paterno, Makes Major Progress

John Ziegler & Kevin Slaten Expose Media Hypocrisy on North Carolina/PSU

SHOCKER: TV Network Allows Pro-Paterno Guest to Actually Speak

Must Watch: Ziegler Gets Lawyer to Say She "Heard" Tape Which Doesn't Exist

MUST LISTEN: ESPN's McQueary Story is Exposed as a Fraud on the Kevin Slaten Show

JZ Lays Out Shocking Case on State College Radio About "Happy Valley" & Matt Sandusky


Great New Content from San Diego "Upon Further Review" on Eve of NCAA Convention:

Must-View TV Interview with Franco Harris & John Ziegler

John Ziegler's Speech on the False Media Narrative

Reasonably Fair News Report on the Event


Hot Links:

The Lessons of 2013

Another Bombshell Media Will Ignore: Graham Spanier's Entire ABC Interview & Scathing Analysis of Baldwin Are Released

Pennsylvania Magazine Does Good Interview With John Ziegler

EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Sandusky Strongly Contradicts Victim 9's Bizarre Story About Joe Paterno

Ziegler Column in Steubenville Newspaper Rips Same False Media Narrative of the Penn State Case

Ziegler Video Breakdown: CBS News Repeats Same False "Football" Tactics From Penn State Case on Steubenville

Our Evening With Buzz Bissinger

John Ziegler Breaks Down Fox Sports Hit Piece on Penn State/Franco Harris

Shockingly Good News Coverage of "Upon Further Review" Event

2nd Anniversary (Updated/Edited Version) Edition of "The Framing of Joe Paterno" Mini Movie

Two Years Later: What You Have to Believe to Buy the Media's Narrative

An Amusing Interview with the "Proof-less" Attorney of Most Recent Sandusky "Victim" to Settle With Penn State

A Very Provocative "10 Questions" Interview with Onward State

The Story of How We Got Here: The Bombshells Which Never Went Off


Major Website Developments:

National Polling Results

Cover-Up "Comedy" Animation Video

"The Framing of Joe Paterno" Mini-Movie

Confrontation With NCAA President Mark Emmert

Prison Interviews With Jerry Sandusky

Matt Lauer Interviews John Ziegler on the Today Show

Piers Morgan Tries to Interview John Ziegler on CNN

Revealing the Real Story of the Mike McQueary "Victim"

ESPN's Todd Blackledge Does His Most Extensive Interview

Chasing After a Frightened Penn State President Erickson

"The Betrayal of Joe Paterno" Online Book

Revealing the "Unknown" Joe Paterno Interview with OAG

Matt Lauer Interviews Dottie Sandusky & John Ziegler for NBC

Exposing ESPN's Censorship of Key Elements in McQueary Profile

CNN Forced to Release Remarkable Entire Interview With Dottie Sandusky and John Ziegler

Sandusky Prosecutor Threatens Ziegler With Arrest for Sending Her New Information on Case

We Release the Actual "Happy Valley" "Documentary" Before Release Date With Commentary & Sandusky Family Response

We Release Our Second Online "Book" "Perfect Sense"


Our Book Release:

Free Online Book: "The Betrayal of Joe Paterno"

Exclusive Release of Entire 3 1/2 Hour Prison Interview with Jerry Sandusky

Exclusive Release of Joe Paterno's "Secret"  Interview With AG's Office Done Two Weeks Before His Firing

PDF Version of Book

Book "MOBI" File for Kindle Download

Video of National Interview with John Ziegler about Release of New Book

A Case Study in "Media Malpractice": The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Kevin Slaten Does Great Interview with John Ziegler About Book

Must Listen: Is this Magazine Interview Best Yet Done on Subject?


Our Sandusky Interview:

Must Watch: Ziegler in Part 1 of 2 Part "For the Record" TV Program in SC

Must Watch: Ziegler in Part 2 of 2 Part "For the Record" TV Program in SC

Inside Edition Actually Gives John Ziegler More Time to Speak Than CNN

Bob Costas Tells Kevin Slaten That He Plans To Keep On the Story

Interview With Kevin Slaten About the Real Story of Victim 2 Controversy

John Ziegler Does TV Interview Where He is Actually Allowed to Speak

John Ziegler Responds to the Lies: The REAL Story of Victim 2 Name Issue

Online Poll on John Ziegler Shows A Surprising Result

A Series of Apologies

Exclusive Evidence: The Real Story of the "Ten Year Old Boy in the Shower" Destroys the Media Narrative

Part 1 of a Local TV Report on Interview with John Ziegler

Part 2 of a Local TV Report on Interview with John Ziegler

The Full "Interview" With Piers Morgan on CNN

Transcript of CNN "Interview" With Piers Morgan

How CNN Reported on Our "Interview" With Piers Morgan

Hollywood Reporter Seems to Think "Controversial" is Ziegler's Name

Sports Illustrated Article on Sandusky Interview/Today Show Appearance

Winner of the Most Absurd Headline of the Week From NY Daily News?

Most Balanced Article About the Sandusky Interview/Today Show Spot?

Pretty Fair CBS Article Marred by Scott Paterno

Pretty Fair "US News & World Report" Article Marred by Scott Paterno

BBC Story of Sandusky Interview Actually Pretty Fair

NBC News Story on Our Today Show Appearance

Video of Our Interview on the Today Show With Matt Lauer

Our REALLY Exclusive Interview With Jerry Sandusky

A Quick Review of What We Thought Was True on November 9th, 2011, and What the Truth Really Was

Response to the Paterno Family Statement on the Sandusky Interview

An Open Letter to the News Media: How to Do a Hit Piece on John Ziegler


Recent Events:

Ray Blehar Finds Ignored Video of Rod Erickson Discussing Sanctions

This Great "IF" Video on Joe Paterno is Worth a Look

Ray Blehar on Why Cynthia Baldwin is Not To Be Believed

Eileen Morgan Releases "Mike McQueary Credibility Chart"

Lying Sandusky Victim #9 Now Lying About Joe Paterno; Media Fawns, Family Afraid to Respond

News Account of Our Visit to Buzz Bissinger Speaking at PSU Berks

Bizarro World: PSU Fights & Wins Against Only Victim They Knew About

Local TV Station Says that Paterno Legacy is Recovering

Paterno Lawsuit Against NCAA Finally Goes to Court

Photo of the Year: Franco Harris at "March 4 Truth"

National TV interview on NCAA reducing PSU Sanctions

Hmmmm... Penn State is Fighting Release of Key BOT Emails

Even ESPN Online Poll Indicates American Public Siding with PSU vs. NCAA

Unreal: NCAA Admits to ESPN They Rushed to Judgment Against PSU

NCAA Reduces PSU Sanctions in Most NCAAish Way Possible

Letter/Ad from Eileen Morgan & Ray Blehar in Local Paper Condemns BOT

Todd Blackledge Is Reminded Why He Hasn't Been More Outspoken on This

Exclusive Must See Video: Epic Take Down of Outrageous "60 Minutes" "Informercial" for Injustice

Exclusive Breaking News: The Motion to Stop Showtime From Airing Interview

Exclusive Must See Video: CBS Pretends Paterno "Cover Up" Exoneration Didn't Really Happen

John Ziegler Destroys CBS News Report on Paterno on CBS Radio

Ray Blehar on the Real Story of Fina and McGettigan as Not Told by CBS News

Ray Blehar on Whether the McQueary Episode Really Was Reported to the Proper Authorities

KDKA in Pittsburgh Host Rips Ziegler, Refuses to Have Him On, Changes Mind, and Gets Schooled On Air

Ziegler Interview With State College Radio on Sandusky Letter and True Meaning of Settlements

Exclusive: Jerry Sandusky Responds to PSU Payouts

Eileen Morgan on Why Matt Sandusky Does Not Deserve a PSU Payout

Awesome: Penn Stater Makes News By Selling Disney Stock in Protest of ESPN Coverage

John Ziegler & Kevin Slaten Expose the Absurdity of Sandusky Settlements

Ray Blehar on How PSU is Using the Sandusky Settlements For Own Purposes

Spencer Niles Rips PSU BOT for Intimidating Student Member off Paterno Lawsuit

PA State Senator Takes PSU BOT to the Woodshed Over Handling of Sandusky Settlements

John Ziegler Rips Sandusky Settlements on KDKA in Pittsburgh

Ray Blehar on Why the First PSU Settlement is Totally Bogus

Sandusky Prosecutor Expresses Shock the Media Became Obsessed with the Story

Ray Blehar on What the Preliminary Hearing Says About the PR Blunders on November 2011

NCAA Hypocrisy is Further Exposed as They Still Have Paterno Items in Their Store

John Ziegler Radio Interview on Recent Developments in the Penn State Case

Transcripts from Penn State Preliminary Hearing are Released

Great Video Exposing the Fraud that is the "Schultz Secret File" Myth

Video of Bob Costas & Jay Leno Saying that Joe Paterno Was Not Involved in a Cover Up Posted by Convert to Cause

Why the Preliminary Hearing Exposed the Case Against Penn State as a Fraud

Tim Curley's Attorney Blasts Mike McQueary's Latest Story

USA Today: Say, Maybe Mike McQueary Will Get Exposed at Trial

Ray Blehar: "The Conspiracy of Silence" Continues to Fall Apart

Mike McQueary Offers Yet Another Version of His Story, Praises Joe Paterno's Handling of Situation While Still Making Stuff Up

Media Still Allowing Louis Freeh to Live in World of Delusion

Is Deadspin's Third hit Piece on John Ziegler a Sign of Progress?

Chairman of of PSU BOT Reveals He Had Spinal Removal Surgery in USA Today Interview


Franco Harris Releases Statement Asking For Members of PSU BOT to Resign

Get the Popcorn Ready! Graham Spanier is Suing Louis Freeh

Onward State Publishes Even More Extensive Transcript of our Blackledge Interview

The Morning Call Newspaper Publishes Partial Transcript of our Todd Blackledge Interview

PSU Legend/ESPN Commentator Todd Blackledge Does Extensive Interview with John Ziegler

What if Freeh Investigated the Patriots Over Hernandez?

Petition to Support the Paterno Family Lawsuit Against the NCAA

Former PSU Player Tom Donchez Explains Support for Paterno Lawsuit Against NCAA

Former PSU Quarterback Defends Football Culture Under Joe Paterno

Over 300 Former PSU Football Players, Including ESPN's Blackledge, Publicly Support Paterno Lawsuit

Unscientific State College Poll on Sandusky Scandal Yields Some Interesting Results

Centre Daily Times Publishes Letter to Editor About Ziegler/Erickson Encounter

John Ziegler and Kevin Slaten Discuss the "Meeting" With PSU President Rodney Erickson

Rodney Erickson is Gutless Idiot Who Admitted Being Forced to Sign NCAA Consent Decree (With Video of Him Running Away)

Ray Blehar's Review of the "Costas Tonight" Special on Freeh Report

Shocking: MSM Writer Actually Seems to Understand What is Really Going On Here

Poll on Paterno Lawsuit at Anti-Paterno Newspaper Shows There Are a Lot of "JoeBots" Out There

John Ziegler & Kevin Slaten Review "Costas" & Rip News Media

Interesting Q and A on the Prospects for the Paterno Lawsuit Against NCAA

Letter Sent to Football Lettermen on Behalf of Those Named in NCAA Lawsuit

Please Leave Comment or "Vote" on Others at NBC's "Costas Tonight" Page Which Has Video of Entire Show

Vindication: Review of the "Costas Tonight" Special on Freeh Report

Details of Paterno Family Lawsuit Against NCAA

From the Archives: Sara Ganim Is Forced to Admit in Court that She Brought the State Victim 6

Penn State Suddenly Decides to Start Defending Itself Against unfair Media Coverage in SI

Three Pro-Paterno Candidates Replace Traitors on PSU BOT

Franco Harris Gets Standing Ovation at BOT Meeting (20 min mark)

PSU Lawyers Argue There Is No Evidence of Cover Up; Media Yawns

John Ziegler Named 7th Most Notable PSU Person of the Year, Just Ahead of "Squirrel Whisperer"

275 Attend Franco Harris "Upon Further Review' Event In State College

Centre Daily Times Previews Franco Harris Event in State College With Typical Bias

Former NCAA Investigator Rips Penn State for Accepting Bogus NCAA Sanctions

"The Framing of Joe Paterno" Mini Movie Headlines American Documentary Film Festival

USA Today Does Far Greater Investigation Into NCAA President than Freeh Did of PSU

Book By Lanny Davis Documents How PSU BOT Wet Their Pants In Firing Paterno

PSU Lettermen Take PSU BOT to the Woodshed in Press Conference

PSU BOT Follow Up Meeting to the "O.J. Meeting" Gets Very Interesting

Dick Thornburgh Responds to Frazier's Bizarre Rant, Doesn't Mention O.J.

Black PSU BOT Member Doesn't Care About Upcoming Trials Because White People Know O.J. Simpson Was Guilty

Emails From Freeh Team Would Be Considered Proof of Conspiracy by Freeh

Freeh Contract Reveals Blueprint For Where Investigation Would Go

PSU BOT Embarrassments Continue: Now Claiming Paterno Wasn't Fired

Brilliant Parody of ESPN Reporter's Incompetence On Sandusky Story

Franco Harris Calls On Penn State to "Rebuild Our Wall!"

Media Now Reduced to Ripping Franco Harris for His Running Style

250 Brave Snow Storm/Traffic to Learn Other Side of Sandusky Story

Slides Franco Harris Uses In His "Upon Further Review" Conferences

John Ziegler Tries to Open the Mind of Popular Philly Sports Radio Host

Transcript of Franco Harris/Mark Emmert Exchange

Video of the Entire First "Franco Harris" Townhall Conference in Pittsburgh







This "Mini Movie" is intended as a small sampling of what the full documentary might look like if we get the support to do it. It has been accepted into the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs and the West Chester Film Festival, both in April.

Here's How to Attend Screening at American Documentary Film Festival

Here is the Trailer for the "The Framing of Joe Paterno"

Please Share the Videos Far and Wide!

Philadelphia Inquirer Does Relatively Fair Article on Mini Movie

Philadelphia Inquirer Does Second Version of Article on Mini Movie

Penn State Newspaper Does Story on "Framing Paterno" Mini Movie

Pittsburgh Paper On Franco Harris Event Where Movie Debuted

Web Site of Patriot News Reviews: Mini Movie is "Required Viewing"

Bleacher Report Story on Mini Movie

Part One of Our Plan..... Expose the Media Bias....

In order to quantify the impact of the incredibly one-sided media coverage, we commissioned a scientific nationwide poll to determine the public's knowledge of the story. Thanks to remarkable support from those who want to see the truth finally come out here, we were able to fulfill our promise. And now...

The poll has come out. Get the amazing results here

Our public press release for the poll can be read here.

John Ziegler's Op-ed column for several Pennsylvania newspapers can be read here.

The Media Research Council's article can be read here.

The Penn State student paper article can be read here.

Listen to an awesome interview on the poll with KDKA CBS Pittsburgh here

Listen to another good PA radio interview dealing with several of our activities here

Part Two of Our Plan...

We have designed a T-shirt (seen to the right) which, thanks to your donations, we gave away to almost 1,000 Penn State students to wear at the first home game and the rest went to the Rally for Resignations..






Part Three!!!

Here is an exclusive MUST SEE VIDEO on the "cover up"!!! This is exactly what would have had to have happened if the Freeh Report is correct. Spread the truth and the laughs! 



You can listen to Kevin Slaten interview John Ziegler about the video here

Part Four...

John Ziegler issues $10,000 Charity Challenge to Media on next "Penn State" Trial...

Here is our press release.

Will the media back up their beliefs for the sake of the victims of sexual abuse??

Read the INCREDIBLE E-mail exchange Ziegler had over this topic with the Program Director at the two biggest talk stations in Philadelphia (both of which have been EXTREMELY anti-Paterno/truth). See his arrogance and ignorance here.

Even more remarkably, read about what happened when Ziegler was invited on to one of the very shows that Program Director told him he had been banned from!! Numerous FCC complaints have already been filed because Buzz Bissinger dropped the F bomb!!

Part Five...

The weekend of Penn State's first home game we will be in State College starting to shoot for our proposed documentary.

Articles about this development have been printed in two major local papers, including here and here.



Top Opinion & Analysis Just Released:

Ray Blehar on Whether NCAA Sanctions Should be Invalidated by Process

Eileen Morgan's Chart of Mike McQueary's Evolving Testimony

Ray Blehar on Mike McQueary's Ever-Changing Testimony

Ray Blehar on How One Year Later the Tide Has Turned Against Freeh

Ray Blehar on the Hatchet Job a Pittsburgh Paper Did on Franco Harris

Ray Blehar on Who Closed the 1998 Investigation

Eileen Morgan on the Cancer Which Afflicts Penn State

Ray Blehar on the Mystery of Tom Harmon's Role in All of This

Ray Blehar on the Dismissal of Corbett's NCAA Lawsuit

Ray Blehar's Part 2 on Importance of "Missing" Documents in Schultz File

Eileen Morgan Has Some Fun With the Bogus SI Penn State Hit Piece

Ray Blehar on How the Schultz 'Secret File" Could Actually Backfire on the Other Side

Golf Announcers do a "Mike McQueary" by Changing Their Accounts of Tiger's Drop Based on Circumstances

Academic Paper from University of Arkansas Rips GJ Mention of Paterno

What Media Coverage of Boston Bombings Tells Us About PSU/Sandusky

Did Cynthia Baldwin Lie Help the Obstruction Justice Case Against PSU

Ray Blehar on State College TV to Discuss the Case

Ray Blehar On How the Limits of Memory Explains Victim 2's Statement

Eileen Morgan On How Real History Following 1998 Disproves Cover Up

Eileen Morgan On How the PSU BOT Blew It

Ray Blehar On How The Media Botched the Narrative From the Start

Part #2 of Ray Blehar's Analysis of the Freeh Report

Mainstream San Diego Op-Ed Uses Our Efforts to Attack Freeh Report

Detailed Timeline of Events Reveals Absurdity of Cover Up Allegation

Someone Writing at CNN Is Clearly A Fan of ""

Ray Blehar On How the AG's Office Started the False Narrative

Eileen Morgan On Why Penn State Should Not Settle With Victims Yet

Important Evidence the Media Totally Ignored: Paterno's Police Interview

Eileen Morgan on Why the "Cover Up" Theory Makes No Sense

A List of the Most "Under Known" Facts of the Sandusky Scandal

The Media Now Sees Pursuing the "Truth" as a Sign of Insanity

On Anniversary of Joe Pateno's Death, Todd Blackledge Speaks Out!

What Manti Te'o Has Taught Us About How ESPN Determines Veracity

John Ziegler Attacks False "Football Cover Up" Media Narrative on TV

Patriot News Publishes Our Column on Franco/Emmert Exchange