The Framing of Joe Paterno News Blast

John Ziegler Presser After Judge's Shocking Decision in Sandusky Hearing is a Must-Watch/Share

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

Yesterday I took a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to State College to attend a hearing in Jerry Sandusky's appeal. The judge's decision to have the Attorney General provide him all information on the grand jury leaks in the case victory for could be a huge victory for everyone in this case, including the legacy of Joe Paterno. 

PA State Police Are Investigating Aaron Fisher's Threat Against John Ziegler

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members: 

I have had a lot of strange weeks in this saga, but this one has been right up there with the weirdest. You simply HAVE to go to my latest post on Aaron Fisher to see how it all started and to see the many updates.

Two Must-Hear Interviews From "Framing Paterno"

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

Within the last week or so I have done two interviews to which you are REALLY going to want to listen.

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