After Watching These Two Videos, If You Still Believe Aaron Fisher You Must Work for Rolling Stone

As I have said many times, the entire case against Jerry Sandusky (and therefore Penn State and Joe Paterno) is supported by two pillars. The first pillar is Aaron Fisher (Victim #1) and the second is Mike McQueary. I spent most of the first year or two in this crusade focused on McQueary, both because that story was far more closely connected to Penn State/Paterno and because, at first glance, it appeared to be much more suspect than Fisher's version.

The New York Times is Now Buying Matt Sandusky's Bogus Suicide Story; Here's the REAL Truth

I have long ago reached the point where correcting specific inaccuracies in the media coverage of the "Penn State Story" is like trying to bail water out of the engine room of the sinking Titanic. However, from time to time something reaches such a level of absurdity that it warrants a response. The garbage that the New York Times published today certainly qualifies.

Media Malpractice ("Happy Valley" Edition) Exhibit #2547: Filmmakers Go After John Ziegler

As I have tirelessly documented over the last three years, there has never never a story (at least in modern America) where the news media has simply tossed out all fairness and objectivity more than in the Sandusky/Paterno/Penn State story.

Numerous times I have been targeted myself in ways which stunned even me, the ultimate media cynic. Thankfully, I have developed Rhinoceros skin with an an asbestos coating and I now just tend to laugh at what the media morons do whenever I have have contact with them.

Several Radio Interviews Regarding "Happy Valley," Governor Corbett & NCAA Email Revelations

I have done numerous radio interviews recently, some of which I would like to bring special attention to. Please listen to and share these as much as possible. The tide is finally turning!

Here was one showing how effective exposing the many problems in the case against Sandusky can be in helping a former harsh critic understand that Joe Paterno was clearly innocent. I also discus Governor Corbett saying Paterno probably should not have been fired:

Several Major Third Anniversary Releases


On this the third anniversary of the firing of Joe Paterno, I have several very important items to share with you.

Three Years Later, 25 Basic Facts Which Still Amaze & "Silent" Stories Which Could Have Changed Everything

There are literally thousands of facts about the so-called "Penn State Scandal" which are remarkable in their own way. However, on this, the third anniversary of Joe Paterno's firing, I wanted to list the "top 25" basic and indisputable facts which are both astonishing and yet almost totally unknown to the vast majority of the public and news media. I am sure there are many others which could have been on this list, but this was the best I could come up with.


HUGE ANNIVERSARY RELEASE: Exclusive Clips From "Happy Valley" Movie, Sandusky Family Statement & Ziegler Commentary

Three years ago this week, the so-called "Penn State Scandal" exploded nationally with the arrest of Jerry Sandusky and, just days later, the firings of Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier.

Transcript of My Final Phone Call With Scott Paterno

Here is a partial transcript of the last phone call I ever had with Scott Paterno. It came in 2013 just after I had interviewed Jerry Sandusky in prison for the first time. I had been trying to get ahold of Scott all week as a courtesy "heads up," but he had been sick. We pick up the conversation just after I took the call after being on the other line with Dottie Sandusky.

Comedy Gold: Key Figure in Sandusky Prosecution Threatens to Have Me Arrested for Sending Her Information

I have had a lot of crazy things happen in this remarkable saga, but this story may take the cake. Indirectly, it also may be the best evidence yet that I absolutely have this case nailed.

Exclusive: Indictments in Two States For Aaron Fisher's Stepfather Raise Serious Doubt About Case Against Sandusky

Immediately after interviewing him the first time in prison (in March of 2013) I had my doubts that the case against Jerry Sandusky was anything close to as legitimate as the conventional wisdom has unanimously maintained from the start. However, it took me a very long time to come to the conclusion that he was almost certainly innocent of most if not all of the charges for which he was convicted and effectively sentenced to die in a maximum security prison.

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