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"Shock & Awe" Paterno Rebuttal Updates:

Letter From Sue Paterno to Penn State Letterman Starts It Off

PA Congressman Backs Paterno Family Report Out On Sunday

Update: Why I'm NO LONGER Very Worried About the Couric Show

Here is the Overview of the Paterno Family Review of Freeh Report

Former U.S. AG: "Freeh Report's Findings... Unjust and Wrong"

Here is the Full Report Commissioned by Paternos on Freeh Report

Freeh Releases Inaccurate Statement About Report He Didn't Read

Paterno Lawyer Calls Out Freeh for Response to Report He Didn't Read

Proof Freeh Lied in His Statement, Just as Paterno Lawyer Claimed

Further Proof Freeh Lied in His Statement About Paterno Interview

Shocker: ESPN Reporter Writes Fair Evaluation of Paterno Report

Nike's Phil Knight Reverses Course Again, Now Supports Paterno

Marc Rubin's Analysis of the Paterno Response to Freeh Report

"Original" PSU BOT Member Calls For Freeh Report to be Reexamined

Writer Who Saw Our "Mini Movie" Now Thinks Paterno Was Wronged

Katie Couric's "Paterno" Page is Remarkably Positive About Sue

Paterno Pedophilia Expert Does Powerful Interview You Should Watch

A Random Act of Fairness/Journalism Breaks Out in ESPN Interview 

Howard Eskin's Son Sets New Standard For Depths of Human Stupidity

ESPN Host Tells Paterno Sandusky Should Have Been "Fired" in 2001

Blowing Apart Freeh's Bogus "Penn State Culture" Theory

Anthony Lubrano Asks Louis Freeh for a $6.5 Million Refund

Of Course: SI Has Noted Error-Prone Anti-Paterno Writer Review Report

Lies & Contradictions: A Video Comparison of Freeh & Paterno Reports

John Ziegler Shares Views On Paterno Report in Pittsburgh Interview

Bob Costas Tells Kevin Slaten His Thinking on Cover Up Has Changed!