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MUST LISTEN: John Ziegler and Kevin Slaten Expose ESPN's Don Van Natta in HUGE Way

First, Kevin Slaten had Don Van Natta on his St. Louis radio show to discuss the details of hie "investigation" into Mike McQueary, and VanNatta clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Then, I came on the program immediately afterwards and took Van Natta to the woodshed of truth.

The Inside Story of How ESPN Muffled the McQueary Bombshell

ESPN the Magazine recently released a much anticipated expose on Mike McQueary. What should have been a bombshell was yet another classic example of the news media going out of their way to mitigate and obfuscate any truths which deviate from their preferred narrative in this case.

Two New Radio Interviews Review Recent News & Preview Big Things To Come

Here are two radio interviews I did this week regarding recent developments in the case as well as a major coming mainstream media report which could be extremely significant.

John Ziegler with Kevin Slaten:

John Ziegler with Jeff Byers:




Important Facts About Each Sandusky Accuser That the Media Never Told You

While it has been extremely politically incorrect and, frankly, toxic to do so, there are, contrary to the media’s narrative in the Sandusky case, very valid reasons to question the stories of the accusers. The fact that this has not come even close to happening is a large part of why it is that I think it is very possible that this entire scandal has been based on a false premise. It was this premise which never got anything close to the extensive examination which this case, so influenced by a crazed rush to judgment, deserved and required.

Our Full_Page Ad in the Sunday Centre Daily Times: By the Numbers, What the Media Didn't Tell You About the Sandusky Case

On Sunday February 23rd, 2014, purchased a full-page ad in the Sunday Centre Daily Times. The purpose was to explain how the basics of the case against Jerry Sandusky have been misunderstood and this is why it is clear there was no cover up at Penn State.

Here is what the ad looked like:


Media Malpractice Again: An E-mail Exchange With USA Today Which Will Blow Your Mind

There is probably no greater proof of the utter insanity of this entire upside-down story than that by far the most favorable mainstream media coverage of "Penn State" in the Sandusky story is perhaps the most obvious example of "media malpractice" in this entire saga.

I am referring to the column posted by USA Today this week by Jeffery Sonnenfeld which read literally like a love letter to the Penn State Board of Trustees. Here is that column which, to anyone who has been following the story, seemed like a parody:

Exclusive: The Real Story Behind the Movie "Happy Valley" and Matt Sandusky

Until now, I have, for several reasons, refrained from writing about the January 19th premiere of the "Happy Valley" documentary at the Sundance Film Festival. First, I wanted to accumulate all of the information that I could be before writing. Second, I was scheduled to meet with Jerry and Dottie Sandusky in prison the week after that. And thirdly, I have quite a personal history with this film and I wanted to take some time to think about how best to articulate my knowledge and thoughts on all of it.

O'Brien's Departure & "Paterno People": The Case That David Jones Lied, May Have Broken the Law, & Why it Matters

Three of the primary principles on which I have been guided through this crazy odyssey are the following:

1) Whether out of incompetence, corruption, or both, the news media will almost always screw this story up.

2) Stories which do not make any sense are probably not accurate.

3) The truth of any matter will eventually come out in some way as long as you look hard and have enough patience.

Lessons From 2013

I have often written about how differently the rest of the world sees the Sandusky scandal than those of us who have actually closely followed it. For everyone else, almost nothing significant happened in 2013 (unless you count Bill O'Brien jumping ship at the very last moment), and yet we actually learned an awful lot in this past year. In fact, I will always remember the year 2013 as the one in which we probably figured out what really happened in the Sandusky scandal, and yet almost no one cared.

Release of Graham Spanier Full ABC Interview & Response to Baldwin Testimony is Yet Another Bombshell

2013 in now finishing with yet another "bombshell," which, in a rational world, would significantly alter the media's narrative about what really happened in the Sandusky scandal, but which the media itself will once again almost certainly ignore.

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