VERY Exclusive Audio: The Testimony Jerry Sandusky Should Have Given in Court & to Louis Freeh

Of the many, many, elements of the unprecedented "Perfect Storm" in this case, the most underrated may be that Penn State and Joe Paterno lost what should have been their most powerful witness when Jerry Sandusky was deemed to be "not credible" (even though I have yet to catch him in a certifiable lie or speak to anyone else who has) by the media, and the public.

This problem was further exacerbated when Sandusky's defense made the ill-fated strategic decision for him not to testify at trial (largely because they didn't want what they wrongly perceived as a "good" trial to be ruined by allowing Matt Sandusky's shocking last-second "flip" to come into evidence and jar the jury) and by the fact that Pennsylvania state prisons have strict rules against recording interviews.

The reality that Sandusky never got/took the chance to tell his full story is why I risked major repercussions (and went to almost hilarious lengths to get it done) by secretly recording my three-hour prison interview with Sandusky. I knew that an unreliable transcript would not be good enough to matter and that the historical record was simply too important here to be lost, probably forever.

For numerous reasons, I have finally decided to release an unedited hour of some of the most important material in that interview.

Here is the link to the You Tube video of that portion of the interview:

All I ask is that you listen to this interview with an open mind. Anyone who does so I think will come away with a vastly different perception of how this whole saga began back in 1998 than has been created by nearly everyone in this case (including some conspiracy theorists who claim to be on our "side"). They will also realize that the notion that there was a cover-up at Penn State at this time, or that they or Joe Paterno should have been punished based on anything which happened before 2001 is completely and totally absurd.

Here are a few important notes about the interview and its release:

Sandusky did not know he was being recorded, but he had previously expressed to me a desire to be recorded. He did however know that he was completely on the record.

Sandusky was still essentially in solitary confinement and essentially on suicide watch (although he most definitely was not suicidal) at this time. This means that he was not well rested and was clearly a bit groggy at certain points of the interview. I have come to believe that he was also still in shock at this point because the second time I interviewed him in prison he was a very different and a far more upbeat person.

As I have done with previous material involving both Jerry and Dottie Sandusky, I offered this interview to a mainstream media outlet which expressed great enthusiasm for wanting the content and then suddenly declined once they heard it all. It is my very strong belief that these outlets are only interested in material which further implicates Sandusky and that once they realize that the content only exonerates him they lose all interest (even though obviously that would be a huge news story if ever "proven" to be true). This is why I have chosen to simply release the audio myself. At this point in this saga, I am very realistic as to what is possible and the historical record is my primary focus (because I am well aware that the news media and the general public will never accept the reality of this story).

I hope that people will pay particular attention to the elements of this interview which deal with Sandusky's retirement from Penn State. To me the story which Sandusky tells is FAR more logical than what the media absurdly presumed back in 2011 and goes a very long way to blowing apart any sort of cover-up theory at Penn State as well as any culpability on the part of Joe Paterno.

At a later point I will release the portion of the interview dealing with the 2001 "Mike McQueary" episode. For now, please note that I have written a brand-new column about what we have learned about McQueary via his failed attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open golf tournament. Here is where you can read about that:

Please share this particular page with as many people as you can as it is the only way in which the real truth of this case will ever be disseminated.

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