New Proof That December 29, 2000, Not February 9th, 2001, Was the Real Date of the "McQueary Episode"

On February 9th, 2018, I tweeted out the following tidbits to provide (almost) the full documentation for why I, Gary Schultz, Graham Spanier, and Jerry Sandusky are now convinced that the real date of the "Mike McQueary Episode" is December 29, 2000 and NOT February 9th, 2001. Assuming we are correct in this new assessment, it proves that McQueary's entire narrative is a fraud, thus causing the entire case to completely crumble.

I am putting them all in one post here for easier reading...


The 1st thing you need to know is that the ENTIRE case is based on the infamous "Mike McQueary Episode" where the then PSU grad assistant supposedly saw Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in a PSU shower. If that didn't happen as we were told, the entire case totally falls apart.

Most people don't realize that in 2011 McQueary first testified that this happened on Friday March 1st, 2002. However, emails later proved that McQueary met with Joe Paterno on February 10, 2001, obviously making the 2002 date impossible. Incredibly, Paterno died incorrectly thinking the episode which destroyed his life's work happened in 2002, when it almost certainly really happened in 2000. 

In a normal case, the revelation that the only witness got the date/month/year TOTALLY wrong would have been a massive bombshell. But since the media was already deeply invested in the original narrative, the prosecution was simply able to change the date of the episode to Friday February 9, 2001 without fanfare. To this day, there are STILL media outlets which use the 2002 date. However, I am about to prove that that even the February 9th date is wrong & that the real date was December 29, 2000.

The entire basis for February 9th, 2001 is the meeting McQueary had with Paterno on the 10th. And if McQueary is telling the truth that makes sense. However, the evidence is now overwhelming that his entire narrative is false.

First, there are numerous things about February 9th 2001 which McQueary never mentioned in relation to this event which he absolutely should have, if that was really the right date.

1) February 7, 2001 was national signing day for college football recruits. For a graduate assistant like McQueary that is the biggest day of the year & he would have been very busy for days afterwards. He also would have connected the 2 events

2) There was a large Barenaked Ladies concert effectively across the street from where the incident took place & yet Mcqueary originally thought that the campus was so quiet he thought school was on "break."


3) There was also a hockey game in effectively the same building, which started at 9:15 pm. That's almost exactly when McQueary would have been getting to the facility & would have made it impossible for him to park nearby & somehow remember that the campus was on "break."


Now the prosecution, realizing they had a problem with the date change, did desperately try to connect McQueary's testimony to something on February 9th. They did so based on his original testimony saying that he was watching a "football movie" that night before going to the locker room

Once the date was changed the OAG decided that McQueary must have been watching "Rudy" because it was the only "football movie" playing on TV in State College that night (cited below as being on TBS Ch 24 on the school paper's schedule from that day)

But "Rudy" (which McQueary never mentioned on his own) has several problems. First, it's hardly a "football" movie & 2nd it ends way too late (10:30 pm) for McQueary to have gotten inspired by it, as he claimed, in the 9pm time frame.

Here's what REALLY happened: McQueary thought he was watching "football," but that was impossible on March 1st, so the OAG convinced him it must have been a "football movie." In reality, he was watching the Peach Bowl (ironically, future PSU head coach Bill O'Brien was an assistant in the game) on December 29th, 2000. As the link below shows, the game ended at 8:39 pm, which means that if McQueary left just after the game he would have gotten to the Lasch locker room at exactly the right time that night.


So other than the meeting on February 10th with Paterno, literally nothing about February 9th makes any sense at all. However, the date December 29th, 2000 actually fits all the evidence rather perfectly.

On December 29th, 2000 PSU is indeed on "break" & campus is completely quiet. PSU didn't go to a bowl that year so their season has already been over for more than a month, which was highly unusual. Mcqueary had plenty of time on his hands (to watch the Peach Bowl).

Sandusky has always been sure that the 2002 date was impossible & was very sure February 9th, 2001 was wrong as well. One of the reasons why is that he knew the 13 year old boy he was with that night, Allan Myers, was off of school on the day of the episode.

Myers had school on February 9th 2001. Importantly, here are his two letters to the editor (when he was a married Marine Sgt) strongly supporting Sandusky after news leaked locally about the investigation in 2011...

On December 29th, 2000 (which was also a Friday, just like February 9, 2001) Myers did not have school. Also on that date he had good reason to be with Sandusky at night. That day they had been in Washington, PA where Sandusky was signing copies of his brand-new book

On December 30th Sandusky was doing another book signing in State College, meaning he was driving (with Myers) back home on the evening of the 29th. There is good reason why this timing was memorable for reasons having nothing to do with McQueary

We know the December 30th date because was the day the University of Virginia announced Sandusky, who had been the favorite for the job would NOT be their new head coach because Virginia Alum Al Groh was leaving the New York Jets to suddenly take the job. Here's a profile of Sandusky describing that book signing on that fateful day

Here's my interview with a man that Sandusky said he called on the way to State College on the evening of December 29th. He had absolutely no idea why I was calling him or why his story is significant, but he totally corroborated this story.

But it's not just Sandusky's recollection that the real date of the McQueary episode was December 29th, 2000 (he's finally sure it was) the best evidence actually comes from McQueary's own corroborating witness & family friend, Dr. Jon Dranov

Dranov, whom McQueary testified he spoke to the night of the incident, testified that after an unrelated business meeting he asked PSU administrator Gary Schultz for an update on McQueary's report "maybe 3 months or so" after Mike told him what he witnessed.

Interestingly, in a different trial, McQueary's own lawyer while questioning Dranov referred to the time frame between Mike speaking to Dranov about what he witnessed & Dranov speaking to Schultz as "1 or 2 months."

But this time frame causes a HUGE problem for McQueary's entire story which (amazingly) no one has caught, until now. Schultz is SURE that the LATEST his meeting with Dranov could have been was February 25, 2001, just 2 WEEKS after February 9th, because he is gone from State College, or out of pocket, from that date until well after Dranov asking for an "update" makes NO sense because the investigation was already over..

So if Dranov is even close to the right time frame, then February 9th is totally impossible as the date of the McQueary episode. But guess which date works perfectly... December 29th, 2000.

But this means that McQueary not only got the date very wrong (under oath) twice, but that he is dramatically lying about how/why he came to Joe Paterno on February 10th. Under this scenario he waited almost 6 weeks after seeing this supposedly horrible thing to tell his head coach

How does this make sense? Well, there are a few theories. One of which involves the amazing "coincidence" of what we do know was happening on February 9th 2001...

On February 9th, 2001 the day before McQueary went to see Paterno, the media (here at the bottom of the front page of the PSU paper) was reporting that the Penn State wide receivers coaching position had just opened up

This was a job that the part-time and very ambitious McQueary desperately wanted. It sure seems like AMAZING timing that McQueary decides to go see Paterno the day after his dream job had just opened up (it is also REALLY remarkable that McQueary never connected this VERY memorable event to the "episode" when he was originally trying to figure out when this event actually happened) .

What it really was was a strong motive to finally tell Paterno about this minor episode he had barely witnessed involving a retired coach Paterno never really liked: Face-time with the boss while being a good Boy Scout

It is incredibly important to point out that McQueary did NOT get that wide receivers coaching job until it opened up again 3 years later. This alone completely blows apart the Penn State cover up theory as no one involved in a cover-up snubs the only witness in a cover up & never even tells him to keep quiet.

One last thing on McQueary's meeting with Paterno. Joe's widow Sue was there to witness the whole thing & she recently wrote an email to someone directly involved in the case which tells a VERY different story of that "meeting."

The email, which I have & hopefully will be public soon says, "Mike was only here for 3 minutes so there's no way he could have said all the stuff he's saying now." So Sue is now calling McQueary a total liar, which is HUGE because...

It has effectively been the Paterno family policy (thanks to Scott Paterno getting duped by the whole media narrative) to never publicly criticize McQueary. Sue sent this email in defiance of Scott & as a sign she is finally sick of all Mike's BS (which made him millions of dollars).

Sue's hardly the only key person who says McQueary lied about the whole episode. So did Allan Myers, the 13 year old boy who was in the shower that night. He said this, as a married former Marine, to an investigator just after Sandusky's arrest

So February 9th, 2001 is NOT the right date of the McQueary episode. It was December 29th, 2000. Jerry Sandusky, Gary Schultz and Graham Spanier all finally agree about this, but, until this post, none of this has been made fully public. The fact that no one in the mainstream news media is even aware of this issue is probably the greatest proof that this entire case has been a result of what is easily the worst case of "Media Malpractice" in modern history.

Here's a podcast I did summarizing all the evidence & what it all really means.