Here Are John Ziegler's Top Interviews Promoting the "With the Benefit of Hindsight" Podcast

In the course of promoting the epic 21-episode "With the Benefit of Hindsight" podcast, John Ziegler has done many recorded interviews (though, unfortunately, none yet with any of the many overt critic of his work, because they are all clearly afraid to have him as a guest). 

Here, in order, are the top interviews to date...


Part 1 of a video interview with former Ohio State Assisant Football Coach Zach Smith 

Part 2 of the Zach Smith interview 


Zig somehow convinces popular veteran sports talk host Steve Czaban that he is right


Zig returns to the "Unregistered" video podcast for a remarkable two hour interview


At the 17 minute mark, Zig does a fun interview with Stu from the Blaze/Glenn Beck Show 


Zig does a great interview with Jeffy from the Blaze where he chokes up near the end


Pete Turner interviews Zig from his home for the "Break It Down Show" 


John Odermatt interviews Zig for the "Lions of Liberty" video podcast


Justin Spiro interviews Zig in-studio, for over three hours, in a VERY high quality video production 


National talk show host Jesse Kelly has Zig on his "The First" network TV show to discuss the podcast. 


Long-time St. Louis radio host Mark Reardon des an interesting interview with Zig about the case  


Stu from the Glenn Beck Show does a GREAT interview with Zig on The Blaze TV network about the media coverage of the "Penn State Scandal"


Veteran national sports talk host Ben Maller does a unique interview with Zig about the case and the sports media's reaction to COVID


Radio legend Glenn Beck does an entertaining interview with ZIg about the media coverage of the case and what we all should learn from it