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The Framing of Joe Paterno News Blast

EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell Audio Proves ESPN Censored their Mike McQueary Profile

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

I want to share with you a VERY important update. Today I am releasing some amazing audio which, in a rational world, would be treated by the news media like some other audio which has rocked the sports world this week (but for many reasons, obviously will not be).

Here is the story on which I have been working for quite some time and which I believe goes a long way in proving several key elements of my theory on this entire case.

I urge you to please read and share this column here:

John Ziegler Takes on His Critics

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

Please take a look at the 2-part video I released this weekend. Both are entertaining and contain lots of brand new information/analysis.

In Part One, I take on the media coverage of the Today Show interview with Dottie Sandusky (and explain why the CNN interview we did is currently being held hostage) as well as Scott Paterno and others:

Great New Videos From "Framing Paterno"

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

Dear "Framing Paterno" Donors:

As you know, I have completely dedicated myself to finding and telling the full truth of this saga regardless of the implications to me personally. I am not, and have never been, in a popularity contest or a commercial endeavor. Consequently, this has freed me up to tell truths which no one else is stupid enough to touch about what really happened (and did not happen) in this case.

TV Apperances from "Framing Paterno"

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

It has been another very strange week. I wanted to send you a quick update with some important items.

John Ziegler & Dottie Sandusky on the Today Show

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

It has been a very long few days. This morning, the Today Show aired two segments (which is highly unusual) of the interview which Dottie Sandusky and I did with Matt Lauer on Monday.

Here is the aired version and a pretty fair story about the interview:

John Ziegler Previews Today Show Interview

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

On Wednesday, during the 7am hour of the Today Show on NBC, excerpts of an interview which Dottie Sandusky and I did with Matt Lauer in State College will (barring breaking news) be aired.

Based on my agreement with NBC, they will also be posting the entire, unedited interview, on the NBC website at the same time. Just to be safe, I also have my own copy of the entire interview which I will post if I need to.

MAJOR Update From

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

It has been yet another crazy week in the saga and next week promises to be another wild one.

The ESPN story on Mike McQueary came out and only I have the inside story of how ESPN edited out the most important parts of the story. You MUST listen to Kevin Slaten interview the ESPN reporter who did the story, and then interview me.

All of that and more is at this link:

"Framing Paterno" Previews Big News Next Week

Dear 'Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

I have done two radio interviews which I would like you to listen to. They focus on a lot of recent events as well as the big news, which I previously promised you, that will be coming out next week.

Here are the interviews:

HUGE Update from "Framing Paterno"

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

I have a VERY important series of updates for you.

First, I have personally taken out a full-page ad in today's (Sunday) Centre Daily Times. I have decided to go to this extreme measure because I believe that it is the only way that the truths on which the ad is focused can ever get a remotely fair hearing. I hope that you will read it with an open mind and share it with those who might be interested.

Part 2 of Video Series on Sandusky Interview #2

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

The reaction to my most recent video release has been, given the nature of the subject matter, remarkably positive. It is very clear to me that a lot of people have had a great deal of suspicion about this entire case, but have been waiting for someone to voice that view publicly.

I hope that you will take a good look at Part 2 of this release because it has some information and a video which has never been seen before as well as a pretty good summary of things at the end.

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