A Quick Review of What We Thought We Knew on November 9, 2011 and What the Truth Really Was

Since we will be releasing the new information from the Sandusky interview in stages, here is a preview/overview of where the evidence will be focused in the coming days.

On November 9, 2011, the day Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier were effectively fired by Penn State, this is what the media was reporting about what happened in the Jerry Sandusky scandal:

Mike McQueary witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a ten year old boy in March of 2002. He then told Joe Paterno about and Penn State then essentially did nothing else to follow up on the allegation, allowing Sandusky to go on using Penn State to molest that child and many others for about nine years. We were told the mothers of the two prime victims (#1 and #6) were blaming Penn State and had every reason to do so. It was implied that Sandusky was forced to retire from Penn State and never coached again because it was well known that he was a pedophile and it was, at least in some sense, being covered up. It was assumed that Penn State’s actions were a legitimate self-imposed guilty verdict on Paterno/Spanier and that there must have been more information they knew about that was not yet in the public record (actually there was, and it was almost all exculpatory).

Thanks largely to our interview with Jerry Sandusky and other corroborating evidence we and others have compiled, here is what we now know about what the reality was on November 9, 2011:

Mike McQueary never said he saw Sandusky raping a boy who actually was almost 14 years old on the actual night in question, a date which was 13 months earlier than McQueary and the prosecution claimed. That boy, now as a married Sergeant in the Marines, in the months leading up to the firings had written multiple letters to the editor published in local newspapers (and to the PA Attorney General) urging people to not believe the accusers of Sandusky. He also, on the record, told the police and Joe Amendola’s FBI-trained investigator that he was never molested by Sandusky, that McQueary was lying, and that the police were trying to get him say things which were untrue (the proof of this will be released at this website shortly).

Meanwhile, it turns out that McQueary was not only wrong about the date, but also has changed his story several times and “misled” led the court that Sandusky and the boy saw him there that night (they both say they did not) and it appears now that, in another example of having “misled” the court, he played in two Sandusky golf events after that episode.

As for the mothers, we now know that Victim #1 (Aaron Fisher) and his family do not blame Penn State at all, but rather Central Mountain High School. Meanwhile, the mother of Victim #6 actively allowed her son to maintain a very close relationship with Sandusky for over a decade after Sandusky was “exonerated” by authorities for the 1998 incident for which he was eventually convicted in 2012 (with no further criminal allegations from the boy in the interim).

We now know (ironically from the Freeh Report) that Sandusky’s retirement in 1999 was completely unrelated to the 1998 investigation. Based on our interview with Sandusky I am completed convinced that had the New York Jets not lost the last three games of the 2000 season to just miss the playoffs, the “Penn State Scandal” never happens. This is because the Jets’ head coach Al Groh doesn’t decide at the very last moment to tell the University of Virginia (his alma mater) he wanted the job there, almost literally taking the contract out of the hands of Jerry Sandusky, just five weeks before the McQueary episode.

Finally, it is now apparent that the Penn State Board of Trustees not only didn’t have any inside information upon which to base their grossly premature guilty verdict. It also clear that they completely panicked in the face of the media firestorm and ended up paying Louis Freeh millions of dollars in order to justify their original unjustified actions.

What a difference a year and five months make. This is why man invented court systems designed to go slowly. The truth does not always work on the internet’s schedule and it is absolutely insane that most of the punishments in this case have been handed down long before any of the prime participants ever even provided their full version of events. Only now that Sandusky himself is fully on the record can we really even start to figure what really did and did not happen here.