A Series of Apologies

The past week has been one of the worst of my life (and I have had some bad weeks). If people had any idea all that I have been dealing with (not just a ridiculous lack of food and sleep), they would be stunned. Despite all that, I wish to make a series of apologies for how things have turned out.

To victims rights advocates, while I strongly disagree that Victim 2 has the right to anonymity on this story because of his previous actions, I did a poor job of implementing our sincere attempt to make sure that his name could not be discerned from the article we tried to release last night, and I apologize for that.

Unfortunately, we were immediately hit with a massive and coordinated cyber attack which brought down all of the websites of our webmaster and prevented us from rectifying what should have been a very easy fix with extremely limited damage. To my webmaster, who has been great and doesn't deserve any of this grief, I am very sorry I got you into this mess.

To our many supporters, I apologize for thinking that I could use the many revelations in our Sandusky interview to finally promote our cause to a mainstream audience. I was stupid to think that the media was capable of making the seemingly simple distinction between Sandusky and Paterno (though, in fairness to me, I did not anticipate Scott Paterno going so far out of his way to make it easy as possible for them to do so).

To the members of the Sandusky family and his representatives, I apologize for causing you more pain and consternation. You trusted me and, while I tried my very best, I was unable to keep the focus off of Jerry's criminal acts. I was stupid to think that the media would allow me to do that (with or without Scott Paterno's sabotage).

To my wife, you didn't ask for any of this and it has taken a huge toll on you and us. You have been more supportive than I deserve. Thank you.

Finally, to all of those, who like me, desperately want the truth to come out here, I apologize for not being able to take advantage of what might be our last best shot to do so. I have tried my very best and we have accomplished some remarkable things under extremely difficult circumstances, but, at least this week, I failed you and this cause. While, in retrospect, I honestly don't think anyone could have been successful under these conditions, I am very sorry that I was unable to pull off a miracle.




John Ziegler