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The Story of How We Got Here: The Bombshells Which Never Went Off

Of the many incredibly frustrating elements of the never-ending saga that is the Sandusky scandal, there is probably none more demoralizing than the reality that there have been numerous occasions where “bombshell” developments have occurred which should have altered the landscape of the story, and yet the impact of them has been minimal at best.

My Last Email Exchange With Jim Clemente

Before and after my interview with Jerry Sandusky I had extremely extensive and intensive interaction with sex crimes expert Jim Clemente, who had previously written a highly-praised report for the Paterno family. Most of our communication was via email and on the phone, though we did meet once on the set of his TV show "Criminal Minds."

Photo of the Year: Franco Harris "Blocks" BOT in "Tiananmen Square" Moment

Here is NFL Hall-of-Famer Franco Harris "blocking" the van taking the PSU BOT members away from their most recent meeting during the "March 4 Truth."

Photos by Mark Dwyer


Did he ever block this well for Lydell Mitchell or Rocky Bleier?!


Exclusive Breaking News: Showtime May Be Prevented From Airing CBS Interview With Sandusky Prosecutor

FramingPaterno.com has learned exclusively that Tim Curley and Gary Schultz have filed an emergency motion with the court to prevent Showtime from airing portions of an interview with Sandusky prosecutor Frank Fina.

The motion was filed because of inappropriate remarks regarding their alleged guilt made by him in a CBS news story yesterday previewing the "60 Minutes Sports" episode scheduled to premiere tonight.

Exclusive: Jerry Sandusky Responds in Writing to the Penn State Settlements

Jerry Sandusky has previously told me in our prison interview  (pages 11 and 12) that Penn State should not be paying the victims, and specifically Victim 2, in his case. 

Last week I asked him about several of the most high-profile settlements which have just been announced by Penn State. Although he did not respond directly my questions, he did react in general to the settlements in a very substantive way.

PA State Senator Takes PSU BOT to Woodshed for Handling of Sandusky Settlements

This is the text of an email just sent to supporters by Pennsylvania State Senator John Yudichak.



A Case Study in Media Malpractice: The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Obviously, I have made it very clear that the media coverage surrounding the entire Sandusky scandal has been both pathetic and maliciously inaccurate.

Why the Preliminary Hearing Exposed the Case Against Penn State as a Fraud

It is rather amazing and illuminating that so much new has happened in the last couple of weeks of the so-called “Penn State Scandal.” After all, since most of the possible punishments have already been decided and enforced (possibly permanently), you would think that we would already know the vast majority of knowledge available regarding what actually did, and did not, happen. Obviously, the fact that this is clearly not the case, proves, if nothing else, that there has been a massive and irrational rush to judgment in this story. 

Is Deadspin's Third Hit Piece on John Ziegler a Sign of Progress?

Yesterday, Deadspin, the website which played a very significant role in changing the focus of the Jerry Sandusky to Joe Paterno, did their third "hit piece" on me in the last four months. I wish to share a few thoughts about this development so as to give you some insight on what is really going on here.

The Betrayal of Joe Paterno: How It All Probably Happened

“A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Winston Churchill

"In the aftermath of the Freeh Report, the powers that be at present at Penn State should have the good graces to suspend the football program for at least a year, perhaps more.”

Bob Costas, July 17th, 2012

“That doesn’t necessarily make sense.”

Bob Costas, May 29th, 2013, on the underlying theory of the same Freeh Report

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