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Obvious Questions the Media Won't Even Dare to Ask About the Sandusky Story

A year ago today, Bob Costas hosted a special on the Freeh Report in which he became the first (and still only) truly mainstream broadcaster to seriously question the conventional “wisdom” of what happened in the Jerry Sandusky story at Penn State. When the rest of the media decided to completely ignore this remarkable development, it marked the moment that we knew, for sure, that they were never going to voluntarily alter their narrative.

VERY Exclusive Audio: The Testimony Jerry Sandusky Should Have Given in Court & to Louis Freeh

Of the many, many, elements of the unprecedented "Perfect Storm" in this case, the most underrated may be that Penn State and Joe Paterno lost what should have been their most powerful witness when Jerry Sandusky was deemed to be "not credible" (even though I have yet to catch him in a certifiable lie or speak to anyone else who has) by the media, and the public.

Why Mike McQueary Shooting 91 in a US Open Qualifier is Very Significant

It has been often said that you can tell more about a man in one round of golf than in years of knowing him. As a life-long competitive golfer I agree with this adage. I also believe that we now know enough about Mike McQueary as a golfer to conclude that he is an inherently dishonest person.

EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell Audio Proves ESPN Withheld Key Info in their McQueary Profile

Back in March, ESPN the Magazine published an extensive profile on Mike McQueary by investigative reporter Don Van Natta.

Here is that story:


Comparing Sandusky Closing Statements: Can Anyone Seriously Argue the Defense Didn't Make the Better Case?

I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but up until recently, I had never read the closing arguments in the case of Jerry Sandusky. I have to say I am totally shocked by many aspects of what I read in the transcripts and I STRONGLY urge anyone who is remotely curious about this case to at least take a look at them (the defense begins on page 37 and the prosecution on page 97).

Here is the link:


Here are the highlights in my view:

Jerry Sandusky's Offical Response to the Rejection of His Supreme Court Appeal

Last week, Jerry Sandusky's appeal for a new trial was rejected by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Here is his official reaction to that decision, which was sent only to FramingPaterno.com.



Donald Trump Sends Letter Supportive of "Framing Paterno"

Billionaire Celebrity Businessman Donald Trump recently sent me this handwritten note in response to an email I sent him after having a conversation with him backstage at the Today Show about the injustice done to Joe Paterno.



Exclusive: Victim 2's Letter to the Editor Supporting Sandusky After the Sara Ganim Article Came Out

One of the most amazing and vastly underreported pieces of evidence in this case is the fact that the nearly 14 year-old-boy in from the McQueary episode went on the the record several times (after the story broke locally and then again nationally) to fully support Jerry Sandusky and to say that he was never molested by him.

MUST LISTEN: John Ziegler and Kevin Slaten Expose ESPN's Don Van Natta in HUGE Way

First, Kevin Slaten had Don Van Natta on his St. Louis radio show to discuss the details of hie "investigation" into Mike McQueary, and VanNatta clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Then, I came on the program immediately afterwards and took Van Natta to the woodshed of truth.

The Inside Story of How ESPN Muffled the McQueary Bombshell

ESPN the Magazine recently released a much anticipated expose on Mike McQueary. What should have been a bombshell was yet another classic example of the news media going out of their way to mitigate and obfuscate any truths which deviate from their preferred narrative in this case.

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