Penn State Legend & ESPN Analyst Todd Blackledge Declares that Media/Freeh/NCAA Mistreated Paterno

In one of the most significant developments in our movement in quite some time, former Penn State national championship quarterback and current ESPN analyst, Todd Blackledge, took to Twitter today to honor the memory of his coach Joe Paterno on the anniversary of his death.

Blackledge also used the occasion to let his strong opinions be known about how he now believes that that Paterno was mistreated by the media, the Penn State BOT, Louis Freeh and the NCAA.

In his first tweet Blackledge wrote:

"1 year ago today a man I loved and admired passed away. He was wrongfully terminated by the PSU Board, and wrongfully vilified by the media."

In his second, he wrote:

"In addition, the program he built was wrongfully assailed by Louie Freeh and wrongfully punished by the NCAA. Miss you Joe. WE ARE, PENN ST!"

Todd was nice enough to buy me lunch two weeks ago when I was in Ohio and I found him to be a very impressive person. I know that his thought process has evolved fairly significantly on this subject and that he wants to try and help correct the injustice that has been done. This seems almost like a "coming out" of sorts. Given that his primary employers is ESPN, he deserves a lot of credit for standing up today.

In our climb up this icy mountain, Todd's decision to speak out like this is clearly a traction-gaining moment and a great way to honor Paterno on this day of remembrance.