A Series of Apologies

The past week has been one of the worst of my life (and I have had some bad weeks). If people had any idea all that I have been dealing with (not just a ridiculous lack of food and sleep), they would be stunned. Despite all that, I wish to make a series of apologies for how things have turned out.

Exclusive Evidence: The Real Story of "The Ten Year Old Boy" in the Shower

Editor's Note: The name of "Victim 2" is NOT revealed here even though, as documented in this article, he made himself a public figure for the purposes of the Sandusky story. He did this when he proactively wrote multiple published letters to the editor in local papers supporting Sandusky and criticizing his accusers.

Our Statement on the Release of the Indentity of "Victim 2"

There has been a remarkable amount of media speculation regarding our plans to release all of the information we have about who "Victim 2" is and why it is extremely relevant to the case against Joe Paterno and Penn State in the Jerry Sandusky scandal. There are a few things which need to be made very clear about this issue.

Response to the Paterno Family Statement on the Sandusky Interview

I was shocked and saddened to to read that the Paterno family PR arm, led by Scott Paterno, has decided that, for some inexplicable reason, it is in their self interest to rush to judgment about both the content of my interview with Jerry Sandusky as well as how it will be disseminated.

A Quick Review of What We Thought We Knew on November 9, 2011 and What the Truth Really Was

Since we will be releasing the new information from the Sandusky interview in stages, here is a preview/overview of where the evidence will be focused in the coming days.

On November 9, 2011, the day Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier were effectively fired by Penn State, this is what the media was reporting about what happened in the Jerry Sandusky scandal:

An Open Letter to the News Media: How to Do a Hit Piece on John Ziegler

Dear Media:

I know you guys better than I even know myself. Therefore, I would like to give you some advice as you decide how to cover/attack me as we soon release portions of our recent news-making interview with Jerry Sandusky and I am scheduled to appear live on the Today Show this Monday with Matt Lauer.

Our REALLY Exclusive Interview With Jerry Sandusky

Why I Am Now Very Concerned About the Katie Couric/Sue Paterno Interview

When I first heard that Sue Paterno would be finally breaking her silence with an interview with Katie Couric, I thought that the choice made some sense. Having spoken to her about some of these issues, I was confident that Sue would be a compelling and sympathetic figure who would do a very good job of telling her husband's side of the story. Couric has a large female audience and would be unlikely to attack a popular widow who has never been accused of doing anything wrong.

A List of the Most "Under Known" Facts of the Sandusky Scandal

Probably the toughest thing about convincing people that the media sold them a bill of goods about what really happened in the Sandusky scandal is that they usually think they know the story and they have created a very powerful narrative in their head. That narrative is largely false, but it can’t be removed from the minds of most people with just one fact. Instead, like a painting made up of thousands of brush strokes, the faulty ones need to be removed and replaced, one by one, until a very different image is left to remain in their mind’s eye.

The Media Has Now Reached the Point Where Pursuing the "Truth" is a Negative

At this past weekend’s “Upon Further Review” conferences hosted by Franco Harris in Philadelphia and Washington, DC the level of optimism among almost everyone involved was palpable. There seems to be a pervasive feeling that we had endured the worst storms that this story is going to offer and that things were starting to go our way. The wind may not yet be at our back, but most people seemed to think that at least the weather is getting significantly more hospitable.

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