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Former "Insider" Investigative Reporter Tells All About How His "Sandusky Is Innocent" Story Got Killed and Stalled His Career

Keenan Trotter is a former invetigative reporter for "The Insider," which is a major international new media outlet. For a few years, he and a partner were working on a huge story based on the notion the Jerry Sandusky is indeed innocent. Recently, he went on "The Death of Journalism" podcast to tell all about that investigation, how it ultimately got killed, and how all of this has negatively impacted his life and career. 

The Legendary Franco Harris Destroys Mike McQueary's Credibility From the Grave

Penn State and Pittsburgh Steeler legend Franco Harris, passed away suddenly at th end of 2022 (just days before the 50th anniversary of his "Immaculate Reception") but he left us a gift just before he left this earth.

New Sandusky Defense Team Court Filing

This is the brand-new filing by the Jerry Sandusky defense team, which features an explosive report from highly-respected expert Dr. Christopher Barden. It vigorously argues that the entire case against, and conviction of, Sandusky was a massive miscarriage of justice which must be reversed. 

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At Jerry Sandusky's Request, John Ziegler Summarizes Why He Became Convinced of the Alleged Child Abuser's Innocence

In preparation for him finally shifting his appeal efforts from state to federal court, Jerry Sandusky asked John Ziegler to write a short summary for him of how and why John became convinced of his innocence (though the federal appeals process will have very little to do with the actual facts of the case against him)..

Here is what Ziegler sent him...


Here Are John Ziegler's Top Interviews Promoting the "With the Benefit of Hindsight" Podcast

In the course of promoting the epic 21-episode "With the Benefit of Hindsight" podcast, John Ziegler has done many recorded interviews (though, unfortunately, none yet with any of the many overt critic of his work, because they are all clearly afraid to have him as a guest). 

Here, in order, are the top interviews to date...


Part 1 of a video interview with former Ohio State Assisant Football Coach Zach Smith 

Here Are All 5 Parts of a Pennsylvania Newspaper's Series Arguing for Jerry Sandusky's Innocence

A Pennsylvania newspaper has publshed a 5-part series of columns by local minister Joseph R. Stains which argues for Jerry Sandusky's innocence. While flawed in some ways, it is still extraordinary that the series of short columns was published at all in a mainsrram publication.

Here are all 5 parts as they appeared in the Tribune Democrat newspaper. Thank you to our great supporter Jim Mannion for putting together this PDF file. 

Two Respected Academics Write Publicly that Malcolm Gladwell Should Have Declared Jerry Sandusky Innocent

Two respected members of the academic community have come out in recent days and publicly written that best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell should have declared Jerry Sandusky innocent in his noew book, "Talking to Strangers," which tackles the case in an extesive chapter on the case, and which cites this website. 

Here is an iextesive nterview with one of them, Frederick Crews, by John Ziegler. 

SHOCKER! Wall Street Journal Review of Malcolm Gladwell's Book Takes Him to Task For NOT Admitting Sandusky is Innocent!

The Wall Street Journal review of Malcolm Gladwell's best-selling book, "Talking to Strangers' (which extensively cites the work of John Ziegler and FramingPaterno.com) takes a shockingly honest perspective. In it, the author effectively criticizes Gladwell for not being willing to openly voice the obvious conclusion of his chapter: that Jerry Sandusky is very likely innocent. 

New Proof That December 29, 2000, Not February 9th, 2001, Was the Real Date of the "McQueary Episode"

On February 9th, 2018, I tweeted out the following tidbits to provide (almost) the full documentation for why I, Gary Schultz, Graham Spanier, and Jerry Sandusky are now convinced that the real date of the "Mike McQueary Episode" is December 29, 2000 and NOT February 9th, 2001. Assuming we are correct in this new assessment, it proves that McQueary's entire narrative is a fraud, thus causing the entire case to completely crumble.

I am putting them all in one post here for easier reading...


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