Video & Documentary Evidence Shows John Ziegler's Arrest at Matt Sandusky Event Was a Farce & Likely Criminal

As anyone who has followed my work on this case knows, the most obvious liar in the entire fiasco is Matt Sandusky. Here is one of several videos I have done indicating why this is the case, which I created after his total meltdown with Oprah Winfrey was ignored by the news media. 

HUGE Release: New Interviews & Documents From My Trip To State College Leave Little Doubt Jerry Sandusky Is Innocent

Editor’s Note: This post focuses almost entirely on people who are obviously public figures in every possible way. However, because of the extreme toxicity of the story, I have gone to extraordinary measures make sure that no new  "victims" have been "outed" (they are all already very much in the public record of this case, but the rules for this story are "unique") and that only information needed to verify documents/photos has been divulged.

Aaron Fisher's Family Posts Facebook Photo of Him Laying In Cash & Giving Middle Finger

Aaron Fisher is the first, primary, and only accuser (for two years) in the "Penn State Scandal." This past weekend he, his fiancé, and his mother all went on vacation (perhaps to celebrate the third anniversary of the Freeh Report, which has been very lucrative for them). In their hotel room, Aaron posed for a photo which was later posted on Facebook. 

If a normal picture is worth a thousand words, this one is worth a full book...

Exclusive: Jerry Sandusky Writes About Fighting Injustice & Mocks the Lastest/Fakest Allegation Against Him

I have long ago lost count of how many prison letters I have received from Jerry Sandusky (or prisoner KT2386 as he is addressed). He writes so often to so many people that it is obvious that he most always do his very best to conserve all the paper that he can.

Huge Release of Exclusive Material on Aaron Fisher: How the Penn State/Sandusky "Scandal" REALLY Started

A couple of months ago, I released interviews with some former friends of Aaron Fisher’s who do not believe he was abused by Jerry Sandusky. I also made public a series of bizarre Facebook posts I exchanged with Aaron’s mother Dawn after Aaron had posted a photo of his new (very young) girlfriend posing on a hotel room bed “bathing” in cash of large denominations.

Aaron Fisher Tells Philadelphia Inquirer that He Wants to Meet Me, But Then Backs Down During Epic Facebook Conversation

The Philadelphia Inquirer has published a feature piece on Aaron Fisher, who is "Victim #1" in the Jerry Sandusky case. The reporter interviewed me for the story, but even though he pretended to totally see where I was coming from (as these media jackals often do), I had very low expectations for the story. Sadly, even those very low expectations were not met. 

Here is the story:

"Framing Paterno" Releases the Ultimate Flow Chart to Understand the Sandusky Case

I have always tried to make it VERY clear (no matter what the idiots automatically presume) that I am NOT a conspiracy theorist and that my theory of the Penn State/Sandusky "scandal" is NOT based in any sort of extensive "conspiracy." 

However, there is no doubt the whole story is rather complex and that for many people who don't have the time or the inclination to get into the details, the idea that all of this could be based in a fraud is a very difficult thing to comprehend. 

Bizzaro World: Aaron Fisher Posts Strange Photo, His Mom Offers For Him to Take a Lie-Detector, Another Friend Says He is Lying

As if things could get any stranger in this crazy story... 

So, on Sunday, Aaron Fisher (Sandusky "Victim 1," the person on whom the ENTIRE case rests) posted a photo on Facebook of his young new girlfriend "bathing" in cash on a bed while they were on a trip to Nashville. I re-posted the photo and simply let people comment on it.

Jerry Sandusky Writes Letter Reacting to NCAA Restoring Joe Paterno's Win Record

Jerry Sandusky has written a letter to me from prison reacting to the NCAA restoring Joe Paterno's win record and eliminating sanctions which were (absurdly) levied on Penn State based on crimes for which he was convicted.

The letter is rather interesting on multiple levels. Obviously I will leave it up to you to decide what to think and how to feel about it (I am quite sure that opinions will vary VERY widely). 

"Perfect Sense": The Full "Conventional Wisdom" Narrative of the PSU "Scandal" (Part 3 of 3)

When Joe Paterno’s press conference is cancelled (it was incorrectly reported at the time that Spanier cancelled it, but there seems to be little significance to the fact that this was actually done by ardent Paterno-critic John Surma), the media correctly perceives this as a sign that Penn State is implicating Paterno in wrong-doing.  Obviously if Penn State is saying that Paterno did wrong then there can be no other remotely logical interpretation of that action than to conclude that he must have done something really terrible (the fact that he is praised thre

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