Exclusive Bombshell: Expolosive 1987 Allegations From Accuser "VT" Prove Guilt of Paterno & Sandusky

In a bombshell exclusive which will change the way in which this entire story is viewed, “Framing Paterno” has learned the explosive story of an accuser who got a settlement from Penn State for having been abused by Jerry Sandusky, under the orders of Joe Paterno.

This accuser, who we will call “VT,” alleges that he was drugged and badly abused by Sandusky during the playing of the 1987 Fiesta Bowl game, which was effectively that year’s “National Championship,” and was won by Penn State over Miami.

Accuser “VT” has told Penn State in his settlement deposition (which is still secret and which was conducted by his own lawyer while “VT” was seated in a comfy chair and given a neck massage) that, while his memory of that fateful night is still blurry, he now believes that he was repeatedly abused and on at least at least five occasions during the game felt as if his most prized possession had been stolen from him. He also says that he was drugged by Sandusky, and that all of this occurred on the direct orders of Joe Paterno.

“I still don’t know what really happened,” Accuser “VT” told “Framing Paterno” in an interview that was conducted on camera in 2010, but from which, six years later, we will  only be releasing a few written quotes. “It felt like five times that night Jerry Sandusky’s defense raped me. I also am pretty sure he slipped me the drug Molly.”

“I know Joe Paterno ordered Sandusky to do this to me,” Accuser “VT” continued, “because I remember seeing text messages from Paterno to Sandusky instructing him to make sure I was under extreme pressure all night. It felt like they were up my ass the whole game. It really was a nightmare that I will never forget. It still haunts me to this day”

Accuser “VT” (who is 52 years old today, but was only 15 in 1987) never told his story publicly until after Joe Paterno was fired and it was clear that Penn State would be paying out settlements to Jerry Sandusky’s victim’s. He says he remained silent because of the humiliation he felt. “I had just won the Heisman Trophy and we were the number one team in the country,” he said. “Sandusky and his defense robbed me of my dignity that that night with those five episodes. I don’t think I was ever the same person again.”

While Accuser “VT” never went public until now, at the time he did tell one and only one other person at the time. This was his best friend at the time, Dan Bernstein, 44, who is now a Chicago radio talk show host who makes a living defaming Joe Paterno, but who, oddly, also never mentioned this story until recently.

“Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky are evil,” says Bernstein. “I’ll never forget how they both kicked my friend’s ass that night. It really was a brutal raping. Penn Staters should be ashamed of themselves. All they care about is winning football games”

The Washington Post's Sally Jenkins, who did Paterno's final interview and is now a strong Paterno critic, praised the journalism of our "Framing Paterno" exclusive, saying, "Having been Lance Amstrong's biggest supporter for years after it was clear he was a fraud, I know a true story when I hear one. This one rings very true and is quite brave."

Accuser “VT” did survive his abuse at the hands of Sandusky and Paterno. He even got his revenge on both several years later as a New York Jet. At the end of the 2000 season he played a key role in the Jets losing their last three games of the season to just miss the playoffs, leaving their head coach Al Groh in danger of getting fired. Groh then quickly called his alma mater, the University of Virginia, and snagged the job there out of the hands of… Jerry Sandusky. All of this allowed Sandusky to remain in State College where about a month later he was seen by Mike McQueary taking a shower with a boy.

Accuser “VT” received a settlement of $2,400,000, which was Penn State’s payout from the 1987 Fiesta Bowl. He also was granted the rights to visit the Fiesta Bowl and National Championship trophies on a monthly basis and Penn State will have a statue of Accuser “VT” erected outside of Beaver Stadium.