Text of Jerry Sandusky Follow-Up Letter on Absurd Victim 9 Claims

I was wondering if you thought about contacting Jay Paterno and/or some of the other coaches to ask them if Joe would have ever had lunch with the accuser and me. If nothing else, maybe the Paternos will realize how ridiculous the allegations have been. It might mean more for others to comment on how ridiculous this is.
They make it up as they go along and are led. If a bigger accusation is needed, eventually it is given. If a date isn't right, they change it. If they don't say what is wanted, they are lying. If people are caught lying on the stand, it is ignored. Witnesses can say the same thing, one is indicted, the other must have misunderstood.
If it doesn't fit, it can be placed in different location. If its not enough, make it more. If they came back over and over and years after the fact, it was because they wanted something, but wouldn't want anything now. If they just remembered something bad, it was because their memories were unlocked. If they said something good, they forgot. If it didn't make sense, it was alright. If it happened to him, it happened to you. If you show a picture of them as a young lad, they wouldn't lie. If you don't pay bills, you are still credible. If they have problems or get in trouble, its because of Jerry, even though others in their family have problems or got in trouble. If you make an allegation of sex abuse, you are a "victim."
I could go on but won't.
This is just meant to tell you the way it has been and is. Its there for me to endure. However, while enduring, I want to battle. I battle for all those who have stood by me and those who come forward to help. With the gratitude that remains in my heart I go forward.