Several Major Third Anniversary Releases


On this the third anniversary of the firing of Joe Paterno, I have several very important items to share with you.

Tonight from 7-10 pm pacific time (10 eastern), I will be hosting a radio show which will be largely devoted to this topic. My guests will include Hall of Famer Franco Harris and at least one and possibly two major guests who have never done live interviews on this topic. You can listen live at and you can call in (yes my critics, this is your big chance!) at 661-298-5487 to participate in the program.
I also want to share with you two really important and very different radio interviews I did in the last couple of days.
The first shows how effective raising legitimate doubt about Sandusky's guilt is when it comes to finally convincing people who used to be huge Paterno critics that he was indeed guiltless here:
The second is from WRSC FM in State College and deals with the "Happy Valley" movie about to come out and the separate offers which the Sandusky family and me are making to Matt Sandusky:
Thirdly, speaking of "Happy Valley," I want to make sure you didn't miss my exclusive release of the portion of that film which deals with the McQueary episode and which I believes inadvertently helps explain Joe Paterno's testimony. You can find it at the very bottom of this explosive new release:
Finally, I really want you to take a look at my list of the 25 most amazing facts of this entire saga as well a list of the the unnoticed internet links which could have helped people figure out what really did and did not happen here: