Quick Update "Framing Paterno"

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

I just wanted to update you on a couple of quick items.

First, I made an unfortunate typo in the mailing from late last night. Here is the correct version with links to two great new videos I hope you will watch/share:


Also, because of CBS reporter Armen Keteyian's insulting tweet to me (which you can read at the above link), a lot of people have asked me for his email address. Here that is: [email protected]

If you write him please just ask him direct.factual questions and try not to be "foul-mouthed.".

Finally, I will be on with Kevin Slaten to discuss all of this today at 5 pm eastern. You can listen to that at this link:


Thanks so much for your support.


John Ziegler