CBS Tries To Pretend Paterno Exoneration Didn't Happen & John Ziegler Calls Them On It

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

Yesterday was a rather extraordinary day in our movement. CBS News televised an interview with one of the Sandusky prosecutors in which he clearly states that he is quite sure that Joe Paterno did NOT take part in a cover up. Incredibly, CBS and its "investigative reporter" Armen Keteyian went our of their way to try and diminish and even hide this bombshell revelation.

Outraged, I sent Keteyian several questions view Twitter. He did not answer any of them but instead responded with this remarkable message:

"to you and your small army of foul-mouthed PSU supporters: there is no reasoning with you with facts or otherwise. Over and out"

As you might expect, Keteyian soon learned that this "army" is not so "small" as he was bombarded with people (even non Penn Staters) upset that he would not even answer simple questions about his reporting.

I then did an hour-long radio interview with KDKA in Pittsburgh (which is, ironically, a CBS station) in which I unloaded on Keteyian. You can hear that here:

Then, I decided to do a very quick video (with low production values, but a very high degree of entertainment/information) on the CBS News report itself and you can view that here:

Please do the best you can to share both of these videos as i really think that these developments could be a momentum changer for us.

Thanks so much for your support.


John Ziegler