Exclusive: Victim 2's Letter to the Editor Supporting Sandusky After the Sara Ganim Article Came Out

One of the most amazing and vastly underreported pieces of evidence in this case is the fact that the nearly 14 year-old-boy in from the McQueary episode went on the the record several times (after the story broke locally and then again nationally) to fully support Jerry Sandusky and to say that he was never molested by him.

Although I can't be sure, since it appears now that both of the newspapers which ran Victim 2's letter to the editor have mysteriously scrubbed the evidence from their website (unless they are having a massive, website-wide, problem, the Lockhaven newspaper apparently did so right after Dottie Sandusky's recent appearance on the Today Show), I have decided to post the original edition of the Centre Daily Times in which the letter first appeared.

Here is that letter (titled "Second Mile Kid Speaks Out") in a form which can never be scrubbed from the historical record:


The fact that this letter has been needlessly scrubbed from both websites (and that the second scrubbing apparently occurred with highly suspicious timing) is once again perfectly consistent with what I believe did and did not really happen here.