Exclusive: Jerry Sandusky Responds in Writing to the Penn State Settlements

Jerry Sandusky has previously told me in our prison interview  (pages 11 and 12) that Penn State should not be paying the victims, and specifically Victim 2, in his case. 

Last week I asked him about several of the most high-profile settlements which have just been announced by Penn State. Although he did not respond directly my questions, he did react in general to the settlements in a very substantive way.

Here is a copy of the letter which he sent me (and which, unlike others have recently done with far less significant letters, I will not be selling to TMZ or anyone else).

Sandusky says some interesting things in the letter. Not surprisingly, he rips Penn State for the payouts. Specifically he further verifies, with some new detail, what Ray Blehar and I have been saying about the critical date of the episode involving Victim 5. This is important because, if he is correct, not only is this victim not telling the truth, but then there are no episodes on Penn State's campus after the McQueary incident (which could be a significant point at the trials of the former Penn State administrators).

Sandusky also poses a very provocative question about why, given Penn State's willingness to pay out almost anyone and the incredibly large number of kids with whom he was in contact, there were not "hundreds" of alleged victims who filed claims.

I am posting this letter because I believe it has value both as a news story as well as a piece of the historical record of this case.