One Year Later, The Freeh Report Is In Tatters

Dear Framing Paterno Mailing List Members:

One year ago the Freeh Report was released. Today we know that its evidence was scant and its conclusions absurd. This week, in my book, "The Betrayal of Joe Paterno," I released new evidence strongly indicating that Louis Freeh purposely withheld Joe Paterno's final interview with the AG's office which directly contradicts both his cover-up theory and his key "evidence."

The reaction to my book has been great. Here is the link to the home page:

The media reaction has been predictably and purposefully horrible. Even the one fair review of the book by the Penn State beat reporter for a Pittsburgh paper was effectively censored by the editors who were apparently afraid of being seen as "supporting" this cause. Here is the link to that:

Also, Franco Harris has released a statement on this anniversary calling for the resignation of several PSU board members. You can see that statement under "Recent Events" at .

Finally, I was glad to see that Graham Spanier is suing Louis Freeh, so I am quite sure that we will be learning much more about Freeh's misconduct here.


Thanks so much for your support.


John Ziegler