MAJOR Update from

Dear Mailing List Members:

I have a lot of important things to tell you. First, our weekend of shooting at the first Penn State game went extremely well. We shot at least ten on camera interviews with, among others, Franco Harris. Anthony Lubrano and Blair Thomas. I also spent quite of bit of time off camera with the Paterno family and they were incredibly gracious under very difficult circumstances.

We have already uncovered a lot of potentially vital/new information to help prove our case. Hopefully the support will eventually be there for the documentary film to actually be made.

Second, thanks to many of you our "Hey Media" t-Shirt plan went very well. The shirts were seen all over the stadium and were mentioned twice in a national magazine article about all of the messages people were trying to send at the game.

Third, because a student over slept (we are not making this up!) we still have a limited number of "Hey Media" t-shirts available. We are making them available to you for a $25 donation. Just go to this link and make sure to put your size (large or extra large) in parentheses next to your name when ordering.

Tomorrow (Thursday) could be a big day for . I am currently scheduled (with two confirmation emails) to appear for a full hour at 4 pm eastern on the Buzz Bissinger radio show in Philadelphia. Bissinger has been one of the most vocal media critics of Penn State/Paterno and if he doesn't chicken out, it promises to be an epic debate. You can listen live here:

After the show, I have been told that the interview will be posted here:

Also, within the next 24 hours, we will be posted at the definitive 3,000 word expose on why the evidence indicates Mike McQueary is lying about what he saw in the Penn State shower.

Thank you for all of your support. If we hang together and don't give up I am confident that the truth can still eventually win out here.

John Ziegler