MAJOR Release From How the "Scandal" REALLY Started

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

On Tuesday I released one of my most extensive (and clearly most compelling) posts in this entire saga. It tells the REAL story of Aaron Fisher and how this travesty likely began. It has already been shared on Facebook an incredible 1,600 times, which is not only extraordinary given the toxic nature of the topic, but also extremely significant because it shows just how strong the sentient is in his community that his story is not true. The complete meltdown that his mother has had since its release is also very revealing. 

I strongly urge you to read/watch this for yourself and share with others who care about the truth.

Here is an interview I did with Jeff Byers on WRSC-FM in State College about the release.

And here is the just unsealed appeal of the Sandusky defense team. You will find much of it to be VERY familiar and to vindicate just about everything I have been telling you.

Thanks for your support. 

John Ziegler