Mainstream Website Publishes Ziegler Column Defending Joe Paterno & Penn State

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

Some of you may have heard that "Morning Joe" on MSNBC had a very ignorant discussion about the "Penn State Scandal" yesterday. I have written an extensive rebuttal on the major media website Mediaite which is an absolute MUST-read/share for anyone who cares about the truth of this matter and specifically the reputation of Joe Paterno and Penn State. I went out on a big limb to get Mediaite to even publish this column and it is a major step in the right direction that they took this chance. It is very important that this piece be shared widely so that they may be willing to go even further on this story in the future.

Please share this link far and wide:


Thank you for your support.

John Ziegler