John Ziegler & Dottie Sandusky on the Today Show

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

It has been a very long few days. This morning, the Today Show aired two segments (which is highly unusual) of the interview which Dottie Sandusky and I did with Matt Lauer on Monday.

Here is the aired version and a pretty fair story about the interview:

Here is the full interview, unedited. I think you will find it to be VERY interesting.

Then I did this State College radio show about the interview:

This morning, after the airing, Dottie and I did another interview with CNN. This interview was much better than the NBC version (Dottie was more relaxed and had the first one under her belt) and part of the deal was that I would appear live on set after the clips aired so that the network could not do commentary about it without me there to at least defend her.

This means that I was booked on the Anderson Cooper show (which would have been epic) and took two flights to New York, only to land and be told that due to the building collapse in NYC, that I was being bumped from the show.

This has now created a controversy with CNN because they are going to try and air the clips without me on set at some point in the future, but I will be trying to prevent that from happening. Hopefully we can rectify this because you will really want to see this entire interview.

So now, I have to figure what the heck I am doing in NYC with nothing to do....


Thanks for your support.


John Ziegler