Great New Videos From "Framing Paterno"

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Dear "Framing Paterno" Donors:

As you know, I have completely dedicated myself to finding and telling the full truth of this saga regardless of the implications to me personally. I am not, and have never been, in a popularity contest or a commercial endeavor. Consequently, this has freed me up to tell truths which no one else is stupid enough to touch about what really happened (and did not happen) in this case.

With that in mind, I have just released a two-part video which you are DEFINITELY going to want to watch and share with others. In it I take ALL of my many critics head on and provide insight into the REAL story here which you will never hear anywhere else. I can assure you that you will learn new things about this case and you will NOT be bored.

Here is part 1 of the new video:

Here is part 2 of the new video:


As always, thanks so much for your support.


John Ziegler