Framing Paterno Releases Exclusive Never-Seen Clips From "Happy Valley" & MUCH More!

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

Today, on the anniversary of the Sandusky story breaking nationally, I am releasing a TON of new material which you are definitely going to want to read/watch/share.

In this post I am releasing, exclusively, never-seen clips from the movie "Happy Valley." I also explain why the movie actually inadvertently supports my view of this story and should NOT be financially supported by Joe Paterno backers or people who care about the truth here.

I am also releasing, exclusively, t...he official Sandusky family statement about the movie, which also offers a challenge to its "star" Matt Sandusky, as well as further documentation of the film's many flaws.

Finally, I go into great detail in a video commentary about how and why the film totally blows it on the Mike McQueary episode.

This post is the result of an enormous amount of (unpaid) effort and I sincerely hope that you will consider it with an open mind and share it with those who may care about the real truth of this entire travesty.

If you would like to directly watch/share my two video commentaries (with clips from the movie), they can be accessed directly here:

Mike McQueary and Scott Paterno:

Matt Sandusky and the key lawyer in the entire case:


Please do the best you can to share all of this with others. Finally, this Sunday (the anniversary of Joe Paterno's firing) I will be doing my own radio show which will focus mostly on this subject. I will provide details on that shortly, but you will want to plan to listen to that live vis the internet.


Thanks for all of your support.


John Ziegler