"Framing Paterno" Makes the Most Bizarre, Hilarious & Telling Release in its History!

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members: 

This week I released two posts that you REALLY have to take a look at. 

On Tuesday I put out a flow chart for the case which really should make my theory of the case far easier to understand. You can read that here:


Then, of all of the hundreds of releases of new information I have put out over the last three years on the Penn State/Sandusky story, there is ZERO doubt that today’s is the most bizarre, hilarious, and telling.

It includes brand new interviews with Aaron Fisher’s mother and a “girlfriend” of his. It also tells the story of how Aaron posting a highly inappropriate photo on his Facebook page led to his mother making an agreement with me for Aaron to take a lie-detector test, only to have her back out of it a particularly odd/telling fashion. Dottie Sandusky has also given me a statement reacting to all of this and providing new information.

I sincerely hope that you will read/listen to this insanity with an open mind and share it with others who care about the real truth of this case. 


Thanks for all of your support.

John Ziegler