Famed Attorney Urges a Second Look at the Sandusky Case

Dear "Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

I wanted to share with you an extraordinary Op-Ed in the Centre Daily Times from famed attorney Tom Mesereau. He is a huge Joe Paterno fan and he wrote today about why he has serious doubts about the case against Jerry Sandusky and why he thinks it should be revisited by the public, the media, and the courts. 

Here is the link which I hope you will read and share. 


I decided to approach Tom about the case and met with him here in LA after I saw him in this interview with Jim Clemente, whom I have come to know is a fraud. At the 28:30 mark, you can watch Tom vigorously defend Joe Paterno and then school Clemente on the Michael Jackson case. 


It was after watching this that I knew Tom would be convincible on this case and might be willing to lend his voice to the cause. I am very glad that he has decided to do so. 


Thanks, as always, for your support. 


John Ziegler