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An Update from

Dear Mailing List Members:

I wanted to send you two our most recent articles because I think you will find them to be both timely and useful.

The first is a recap of the news coverage of our recent trip to Philadelphia and Washington, DC for conferences hosted by Franco Harris where we showed the "mini movie."

Several Important Items From

Dear Mailing List Members:

I wanted to quickly share several very important items regarding our efforts.

First, we will be showing our mini movie at a conference sponsored by Franco Harris this weekend in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Here is the info on how to attend these free events: and Franco Harris Coming to Philly and DC

Dear Mailing List Members:

I wanted to give you the details on two exciting FREE events that I will be participating in next week. The first is next Friday evening in the Philadelphia area and the second is next Sunday in the Washington, DC area.

On Friday, starting with a reception at 6:00 pm, Franco Harris will be hosting a conference which will include the showing of our mini movie and a very interesting panel discussion that I will be participating in.

What Te'o, Armstrong, and Steubenville Say About the Media Coverage of Paterno/Penn State

Dear Mailing List Members:

I have just written an extensive essay that I am quite sure you are going to want to read and share far and wide. Here is the link:

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Dear Mailing List Members;

Obviously there is a lot going on with our movement to start off 2013. The governor's bizarre lawsuit against the NCAA (which is highly imperfect but which will hopefully achieve some of our goals) is a remarkable development. It comes on the heels of Franco Harris questioning the NCAA president (and us recording it under threat of arrest) just a few weeks ago.

Two Interesting Stories From

Dear Mailing List Members:

I wanted you to take a look at two stories which, while not directly related to the Penn State situation, are both very relevant when it comes to understanding what really happened and how/why the media created a false narrative.

Pro-Paterno/Anti-Emmert Column in Patriot News Newspaper

Dear Mailing List Members:

I just wanted you to see a column I wrote for the Patriot News newspaper about the recent exchange between Franco Harris and NCAA president Mark Emmert. I am told it will appear in Sunday's paper. Here is the link. Feel free to share with friends. Update

Dear Mailing List Members:

On the eve of Joe Paterno's 86th birthday, I wanted to give you a quick update.

First, I have written a rather extensive response to the critics of our efforts (specifically to help Franco Harris question NCAA president Mark Emmert) which I think you will find very interesting. It also serves as an important recap of all of our efforts over the past five months. You can read it at this link: Releases Video of Franco Harris Confronting NCAA President

Dear Mailing List Members:

It took a little longer than I expected but I wanted to make sure it was as good as it could be under the difficult circumstances and I wanted to make sure Franco saw it before it was made public (he had a late flight that was delayed and he watched it at 1 am just so we could get it out asap), but here is the exchange between Franco Harris and NCAA President Mark Emmert.

Franco Harris Confronts NCAA President Over Penn State Sanctions

Dear Mailing List Members:

NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris confronted NCAA President Mark Emmert yesterday regarding the sanctions imposed on Penn State and their former coach Joe Paterno. Harris, a Penn State graduate, flew to Los Angles for the public event so that he would have the opportunity to to ask Emmert at least one question about the sanctions which he believes were neither warranted nor logically implemented.

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