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Memo to Our Critics: Man Up

Dear Critics of

Our efforts have taken a lot of heat from you critics for a very long time and, for the most part, I have decided to ignore you. However, after the events of this past week, I have determined that I just can’t take it any more. I just have to respond directly to the misinformation, carping, hatred, and vitriol which has been coming not only from our natural enemies, but also from far too many people who actually ought to be supportive of our efforts.

The Real Story Behind Our Attempt To Get the NCAA President to Answer Questions About Penn State Sanctions

About a week ago I learned via a tweet from a supporter that NCAA President Mark Emmert was coming to Los Angeles to speak to the Chamber of Commerce. After contacting the group I was informed that the event was open to the public (for those who bought tickets) and that Emmert would be answering questions. I was also told via email that camera phones were allowed to record the event and that there would be a press conference afterwards.

In Anticipation of a Hit Piece....My Full Interview With Deadspin

A couple of weeks ago, a reporter from Deadspin,with whom I have exchanged over 200 email and about ten phone calls since the release of the Freeh Report, told me he finally wanted to do an actual article about me.

Spanier's Lawyers Release Blistering Statement About Indictments

Statement on Behalf of Dr. Graham Spanier
November 1, 2012
Timothy K. Lewis and Elizabeth Ainslie
Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis
Peter F. Vaira and Jack Riley
Vaira & Riley PC


Some Initial Thoughts on the Outrageous Graham Spanier Indictments

While I am extremely busy right now with our "anniversary" video which we will be putting out next week, and Barry Bozeman is already out with some strong opinions about what transpired today with the charges against Graham Spanier, I wanted to share some quick random/initial thoughts of my own.

The Real Stories of Victims 1 & 2 Reveal the Absurdity of the Media's Case Against Paterno

In a rational world, the numerous revelations in Jerry Sandusky scandal of the past week or so would have been headline news because the entire media narrative created against Joe Paterno would have been reported as dramatically collapsing. If the media was remotely fair or cared about actual facts, there would already be numerous apologies and calls for the Paterno statue to be restored to a place of honor.

In case you missed it (thanks to the media blackout it would be very easy for you to have done so), here is a quick review.

If a Bombshell Goes Off in the Forest and Sara Ganim Misreports It, Does it Still Make a Sound?

Monday afternoon Pultizer Prize winning reporter Sara Ganim (the media darling of the Sandusky scandal) published an article that, in a rational world, has information which would have exploded into the national news and instantly shaken the entire narrative of Penn State/Joe Paterno’s role in the entire affair to its core.

Sandusky Verdict Coverage Reveals Massive Media Malpractice

On the surface, the largely drama free sentencing of Jerry Sandusky would seem to be a strange event for the news media to completely botch their coverage. After all, the date had been set for months and there was no ambiguity about what was going to happen. In other words, there were no surprises or tight time constraints on which media members could plausibly blame any blatant errors. 

A Handy Resource: The Biggest Media Myths of the Jerry Sandusky Scandal

For the Uninitiated: The Biggest Media Myths of the Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Since details don’t seem to really matter anymore, here is the “Cliff Notes” version of how the media created a false narrative (which they refuse to correct) in the Jerry Sandusky scandal. You might think of this as “Why Nearly Everything You Think You Know About the Penn State Story is False.” Please feel free to share it as a resource with those whose minds you are trying to open about what really happened here.

Why Buzz Bissinger Is A Disgrace to Journalism and Humanity

In my long career as a TV sportscaster, radio talk show host, television commentator, and documentary filmmaker, I have probably participated in well over 1,000 talk shows (including almost all of the highest-rated national TV shows). I can say that, without a doubt, I have never taken part in one which was a greater indictment of the host, the industry, and the sad state of journalism than yesterday’s Buzz Bissinger radio show on WPHT in Philadelphia.

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