Awesome Content from Franco Harris Event on Eve of NCAA Convention

Dear 'Framing Paterno" Mailing List Members:

This past weekend in San Diego on the eve of the NCAA Convention went really well. I would like to share with you some great content from the event and I hope that you will then share it with others.

First, is an unusually good TV interview that I did with Franco Harris on the One America News network. It is really important that you watch and share this interview so that the network will know that there are people out there who appreciate this type of programming.

Second, is my speech from the "Upon Further Review" event which Franco hosted. I think you will really enjoy this one:

Third, is the entire "Upon Further Review" event which, at least for now, can be watched here:

Finally, there is this reasonably fair news account of the event:

Thanks again for all of your support and please spread the word.


John Ziegler

www.FramingPaterno. com